Dancing To Glamour Series #2 | Viennese Waltz

Th Viennese Waltz oozes class and grace. The way every line is finished with the finger tips and the poise as you spin and spin and spin. Visually it isn’t my favourite dance, but that is partially because I enjoy the more high energy, slightly cheekier dances. With my filthy laugh and dark sense of humour, I am not the epitome of sophistication. But wearing this look, I can pretend I am. So I hope you can put on your heels and glide around the room like Erin Boag and Anton Du Becke!

I started the look with Maybellines Colour Tattoo in Creme Du Rose. Then with a fluffy blending brush, I applied the MAC eyeshadow in Blanc Type all over the lid, to set it. Then with another fluffy brush, I applied Wedge into the crease as a transition colour. I then, with a dense domed brush, packed the INGLOT eyeshadow in 151 over the remainder of the eye lid. Then on the inner half of the eye, I applied a glitter adhesive. And with Too Faced’s glitter in Glitterly I patted this over the adhesive. With a Waltz…you’ve got to have a bit of glitz!! It is almost like a jazzed up Bridal Makeup. You could easily wear this to a wedding! Then with a pencil brush I applied the MAC eyeshadow in Smut, just to smoke and darken the lashline. Then, still with smut, I applied the eyeshadow under the lower lash line to balance the look. And then did the same for the inner half of the lower lash line but with the Inglot eyeshadow. Then with a flick of mascara, the look is complete. And you are ready to Waltz your weekend away!

I hope you enjoyed this look! Glitter always brightens my day! So I hope it did for you too!

Thank you for reading!!

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