HAUL | January Sales

My families tradition on Boxing Day normally consists of binge watching a selection of films normally on a similar genre (Harry Potter, Disney, Musicals). But often means scrolling through the internet; a hot spot for sales advertisements. And therefore getting sucked into things! Like I need another reason to buy makeup!

Peeling Foot Mask – OK OK, I was sucked in! Those video advertisements were so enchanting! So I bought a less risky, natural Korean Beauty version! If it works, great, if not, I still get to keep my feet…they won’t be burnt off.

Yes To Coconut Hydrate and Restore Face Mask – My Skin really struggles with hydration, and I love sheet masks so was intrigued to see if this works!

BH Cosmetics Brush Set – I couldn’t believe how reasonably priced these were, so I wanted to give them a go so I could see if I could recommend them as cheaper alternatives, or if it’s worth saving your money for slightly more expensive ones, and give these a miss! We shall see!

Morphe M421, M107-8 – I really want to give cut creases a go, so wanted to get some better tools for doing these! Just to make it easier!

ZOEVA Angled Liner Brush – My friend said this brush is perfection to do eyebrows with! So, as I’m getting into the sharp brow look, I couldn’t resist!

STILA Glitter and Glow – I had the golden one for Christmas….so needless to say I needed to try the silver one too. And my friend showed me her Sea Siren a couple of days before I made the order. So I my basket it went. It is reminiscent the famous duo chrome (who’s name escapes me) from the HUDA Beauty Desert Sands Palette!

OFRA Highlighter in Glazed Doughnut – Yes…I submitted to the peer pressure. It is supposed to be THE Highlighter. The most blinding Highlighter of all time! And being all about the glow life…I had to have it!

Jeffree Star Liquid Lipsticks – Nathan, Baby Daddy, Santa Baby – Yes…I admit it. I am an addict to Liquid Lipsticks…..especially these Liquid Lipsticks. And these shades I just had to have. A perfect peachy orange, camel brown, and raspberry pink! I can’t wait to wear these!

LA Pro Conceal – I needed repurchases, you are already aware how much I love this concealer! Lightweight, covers blemishes and pale enough for me!

Makeup Geek Eyeshadows – Tiki Hut, Frappe, Sidekick, Pixie Dust, Ritzy. The empty Z Palette was burning a hole in my pocket. So I had to fill some more shades! And for the price and the quality. One can’t complain!

Did you get yourselves any lovely new makeup in the January sales?? Let me know what you’ve got!! Or if you’ve tried and love any of these products!

Thank you for reading!

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