I was super excited to try this product because I felt it on my hand and the texture was sublime. And then I applied a foundation over the top to test out in the shop (NYX Total Cover…officially on my list!). And the way it blurred out the lines on my knuckles and hand…left me insanely impressed! So after having a rough week, my mum surprised me with picking it up and buying it because she is a sweetheart. Which did then turn into half an hour of me grovelling and trying to give her the money for it. Speaking of which…I bought this in Debenhams!!! NYX now have a lovely big stand in Debenhams now…which means points!! Yay!

I like the packaging, but only when I am looking in the shop! The packaging for being in my makeup bag is impractical due to its bright white container! I get it so grubby with Eyebrow pencil shavings from when my sharpener opens *cries*. But I do like how effective and simple the packaging it is. As a consumer I find it very aesthetically pleasing when displayed in the shop!

The formula of this product makes my skin feel so soft and velvety. It does have a silicone feel to it, but myself and my pores like that. And I was sold when I felt it on my hand! And the way it makes my skin feel makes me like this product full stop. But do I agree with the claims of minimizing the look of pores?

I applied Estée Lauder Perfectionist Youth Infusing Makeup (1N1)

PLEASE ignore that scratch. I was on the farm and a rabbit got spooked and scratched my face! It’s all good, we had a cuddle and she felt a lot better!

Ummm….I still think my pores look the same with them? But then I looked closely, and it did fill them. Now they are still just as visible. But the picture on the left definitley makes my pores look filled. So it did what it said on the tin. But I wouldn’t use this if I wanted minimal pore texture on my skin. But if I was having a dry skin day and wanted my skin to feel smoother and velvety then I would, use this for that feeling alone. And I do like it. But I just don’t use it in the way I thought I would use it for!

I hope you found this interesting. I wouldn’t say this is a product you MUST HAVE, but now I own it, I will use it for the smoothness it gives. But not for Pore minimising!

Thank you for reading!!

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