FULL REVIEW | Zoeva Brushes

I started my journey with Zoeva Brushes in Berlin a couple of years ago. I had heard so much about them and went into Douglas in Alexa Mall in Berlin. And saw they had a whole wall dedicated to Zoeva Brushes. I got very excited! And picked up 4 brushes. I picked up the Buffer, the Luxe Crease, the Luxe Defined Crease and the Face Shape! And was overjoyed that I had stepped up my brush game!

First of all they feel very luxe when you hold them. They are lightweight but feel substantial and excellent quality. Some cheaper brushes feel wobbly or too light or just not like they would do anything. The glossy handle and silver accents look so sleek and chic! They feel so luxury and worth the middle range price tag! To be honest. I prefer the feel of my Buffer brush from Zoeva to by Bobbi Brown Full Coverage Face Brush! It provides much better coverage and a more airbrushed finish. But the prices say otherwise.

The face brushes, to me, are the best face brushes I have ever used. And do think they are much better than Morphe, so worth the splurge in my opinion. I prefer the way the handles feel, prefer the density of the bristles and they wash a lot nicer! The Buffer, is hands down, my favourite foundation brush, for the reasons I have previously stated. Coverage buildability is impeccable but still makes my skin look natural and not caked in makeup! And even though the bristles are densely packed, the ease of washing is surprisingly impressive! The silk finish brush is excellent for a more lightweight, natural makeup, I really enjoy using this with my BB creams or more liquid-y foundations (BareMinerals Bare Skin, MAC Waterweight Fluid, etc). It skips over the face very nicely. Which is perfect for the summer, when you want a lighter more comfortable complexion. The defined Buffer is brilliant for under eye coverage building (having a lot,of blue and discolouration under my eyes, I need it), or for the things you wish the Buffer brush could do, but is hindered by its size! Worked together they are a dream combination! Now the face shape brush is perfect for under eye highlighting or for more detailed spot checks. Due to the round head it bounces over the spot or blemish and eliminates redness that surrounds the area. So takes the attention away from the discolouration.

The Luxe Defined Crease was not what I initially expected. I wouldn’t really use it for the purpose of defining my crease as the bristles are sparser and less densely packed. But it makes blending around the edges of your eye looks so effortless! It is also really nicely if you wanted to add depth to a look, but didn’t want to build it up subtly (if you are tentative because you have ruined a,look adding darker colours too intensely!). The Luxe Crease is a rounder version of the MAC 217, instead of being pressed and flattened at the bottom. Which I find is a little easier to use. But the hairs are a lot longer which makes crease work a little easier to blend! Totally rate these brushes, but to be completely honest, I bought these when I did t know about Morphe. And now I would have saved my money and bought a few of those instead. The quality of the handle isn’t as luxury, but the brushes themselves are identical in quality. Which is really what you are paying for.

So to be frank…save your money on the eye brushes. Morphe are extremely similar, if identical in some places. And the choice is far more vast also. So you could get more for your money for the same thing. If you are going to splurge and buy anything Zoeva, the face brushes are to die for. And haven’t found comparable Morphe brushes yet. And I would buy them again and again if they needed replacing!! Well worth the money. But there are so many eye brushes out there, that I would be less inclined to repurchase them, when I could get cheaper else where that provides the same desired use.

I hope you found this useful! I enjoyed writing it!

Thank you for reading!

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