Superdrug Haul | 25/03/2018 | Makeup Revolution

I’m back!! My iPad broke and I have been so busy, but I’m off to Rotherham for the rest of the week that I’m spending with a friend! I’m tattooing at a different studio which is super exciting!! Just as a guest artist, not permanently! But it was insanely flattering to be asked!

But since writing my previous post, I have had a bit of a mooch and Makeup Revolution had some very exciting new products. So I was keen to try some of these! So this is what I’ve picked up!

Makeup Revolution Brow Pomade (Medium Brown) – I am a massive fan of the pomades for eyebrows, and want to do a bit of a battle of the pomades! So bought this as a comparison!

Barry M Sharpener – As I got really into the NYX eyeliners…my eye pencil sharpener decided to grow legs and walk away somewhere….so I thought it best to buy a new one. And this one is dual and pink….so was very pleased!

Makeup Revolution Conceal and Define Concealer (C2) – After hearing that this always comparable to the infamous Tarte Shape Tape…I was desperate try this! I picked the slightly yellower pale shade as that is my undertone!

Makeup Revolution Palettes (Reloaded Newtrals 2, Reloaded Iconic Division, Blush Hot Spice) –

I was keen to try these. The Iconic one is a dupe for the ABH Subculture palette, whose colour palette was divine so was sold with this! And these were all £4 each!! You know how I feel about warm tones! So the Newtrals was like it was made for me! Very extra to try this! And I love a terracotta and coral blush, so Hot Spice seemed to be the perfect addition to my collection!

So for all these…and immense amount of various looks, it came to just under £25! Bargain!

I hope you enjoyed this! And aren’t too disappointed that I’m back haha!

Thanks for reading!

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