FULL REVIEW | NYX Slide On Glide On & Definitley A Turn On Waterproof Extreme Shine Eyeliner

So I purchased my first two of these (Golden Bronze, Glitzy Gold) when I went to Selfridges on one of my days off. And saw these and remembered that they were comparable to the more expensive Urban Decay 24/7 Waterproof Eyeliners. So thought…I am in need of more eyeliners…so that is what I’m gonna do. In my basket they went and I was on the way to the till.

Look at those swatches! I can’t begin to describe how creamy these Eyeliners are. They melt onto the eyes perfectly, meaning no tugging or discomfort when applying these! But don’t think that because they are Creamy that they will smear, when your eyes begin watering from an immensely windy day! Fear not! Once set, they freaking set!! And they last all day. Not necessarily on the waterline, but I prefer smudging these on my lower lash line, in a more grungy way, rather than a neat and precise me. Me neat? Ha!

The longevity of these products are exceptional! I work very long days and like no fuss makeup that I can do quickly in the morning! And these make my life a hell of a lot easier! And I’ll look in the mirror as I put my scarf and adjust my bandana, and my eyeliner, is still looking pretty darn amazing! They are no fuss, so easy, and pack a punch!

All of these colours are perfect for green eyes. I’m not saying that you beauties with brown or blue eyes can’t wear these, you will rock them! But they work very well with my green eyes! But they have a very large shade selection! I think my favourite of them all, are the Golden Bronze and Golden Olive. As they are the most flattering, in my opinion! The kind of flattering when you’ve been for a wee, look in the mirror and think oh…I look ok today!!

The most unique shade, in my opinion, is jewel. Probably to some, just a mauve. But I’ve never found an eyeliner that looks so elegant! It is just s dusty purple with a beautiful pink shimmer. And reminds me slightly of a ballerinas Satin slipper….if that makes any sense. Just an honourable mention! If you want a simple polished eyeliner that looks effortlessly classy but with a lil summit summit. I recommend Jewel!

So all in all, these little babies have changed me makeup routine! They shed a good 10 minutes off my usual makeup routine, which is perfect for commuting now! And would go as far as saying these are my all time favourite Eyeliners. WHOA did I just commit to saying that! Yes I did, proudly. BEST Eyeliners!! And for a fiver each! You seriously can’t complain!

I hope you enjoyed reading this! Let me know what your favourite shade of these is!

Thank you for reading!

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