First Impression | Jeffree Star BLOOD SUGAR Palette

Oh my god oh my god, so I went for a run, and then I had a package! And I am finally a proud owner of this baby!! I could scream with joy! Look at those colours!!

When I watched the big reveal on Jeffree’s channel, I knew I had to have this palette! I am yet to try any of this eyeshadow formulas but this colour array screams to me! Warmth, bright, illuminating and a bit of sparkle! What more could I want! I just want to smear all the prettiness all over my body!!

I know finger swatches aren’t the be all and end all, and it is all about how they apply on the eye. But my god these eyeshadows are buttery as hell. The swatches above, are dine with my finger and with no primer base! That is right, no primer base that is all of them on their own! In their true glory!

The shade Doner is the most magnificently soft eyeshadow, but with no major distraction in the pan! How they got that much kapow on their pigment is beyond anything else! Root Canal was one of the main reasons I bought this palette with it being the most perfect violet shade I have ever seen! And with it being warm, it’ll enhance my green eyes wonderfully! The shade Sweetner pleases me as it is a more flattering dupe of Expensive Pink by MAC. A little more gold than pink! But very excited to try this! Very rich in pigment as well! I’m so excited to try this! And all the red shades, like Cherry Soda, Blood Sugar and Prick immediately appeal to me! I’m so overjoyed and can’t wait to apply these on my eyes!

Vegan red eyeshadows are one of the hardest to make. As it is Carmine that comes from beetles that makes the pigment so rich. But obviously…. it’s not vegan! So how he got these shades to be so luxuriously indulgent! Mind blown! I thought I’d show you these shades are swatches by just swiping the shades twice with my finger! And look at the pigment! Extraction, is on my pinky! What a punch it packs! Bloody sugar is on my ring finger! And that buttery sheen you get is just divine! Sweetner, probably one of the underdogs of the palette is on my middle finger! Need I say more? Heart eyes!!!! And finally Prick is on my index finger! Slightly rougher in consistency but still leaves quite the glow! I imagine this shade will stain like a beep too! But yes….just beautiful!

Let me know if you managed to get ahold of this beauty and what you think! I’m gonna be doing some looks using this palette and can’t wait to show you!!

Hope you enjoyed reading this!

Thank you for reading!!

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