Product Wars | Battle of the Brow Pomades

Since starting this blog over a year ago…my eyebrows have changed massively, from subtle, to arched to now, a bit elf like! Which I personally feel the most confident with. Some may think they look strange…but I like them and think they suit my quirky style!

But my Brow game changed thanks to the wonderful things called pomades. They are like a gel eyeliner….but magically for your eyebrows. GENIUS! Which means you can get nice, sharp and crisp eyebrows that you could slice vegetables with!

So these are the little babies that Invested in. Price range….the gross looking one is the most expensive. But that is not down to any other reason than I used it to death when I first got it! And that is because it is a fabulous product that changed the way I did my eyebrows completely! Genuinely thought it was the best thing since sliced bread! Only downside to this product is the price! As it is higher end.

But after loving it so much, I was curious to see if there were any highsteet comparable. And these were my findings!

Anastasia Beverly Hills Dipbrow Pomade

Price – 1/5

Ease – 5/5

Sharpness – 4/5

Texture – 3/5 (a bit too creamy for me but exceptionally pigmented)

NYX Tame and Frame Pomade

Price – 4/5

Ease – 4/5

Sharpness – 5/5

Texture – 4/5 (has a tendency to become patchy on application)

Makeup Revolution Brow Pomade

Price – 4/5

Ease – 4/5

Sharpness – 5/5

Texture – 5/5 (slightly thicker, build able but pigmented)

(Left ABH, Middle NYX, Right Makeup Revolution)

So to me the winner is definitely the Makeup Revolution one. I normally apply it with my ZOEVA Angled Liner brush and I get the sharpest end! It is thicker which means it coats the brows lovely, and having fair brows, it is what I look for! But with its thickness, it also doesn’t smudge or disturb as quickly if I made a wrong move with my wrist! It is more than just the price too, if this was twice, triple the price I would still prefer it, albeit a little more begrudgingly.

If you had to choose one of these, I would pick the Makeup Revolution. You save some pennies but get a quality product. More bang for your buck! Very very impressed!

Thank you for reading!

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