HAUL | 3/04/18 | Beauty Bay Bits and Bobs

Bit delayed writing this but I’ve been super busy with work so finally have found time to write this exciting one up! I treated myself….because I had a really good week and thought…why not!! I knew I needed a fan brush and the Makeup Geek highlighter…but the rest were impromptu…but very much enjoyed.

Zoeva Fan Brush – I have purchased some multi colours highlighters and don’t own a fan brush so in order to get the full spectrum of colours from the highlights, a fan brush was needed….so I did it!

Makeup Geek Eyeshadows – High Tea, Gold Digger, Bada Bing, Cosmopolitan – AND THATS MY COLLECTION COMPLETE…unless I have the desire to buy another Z palette…which believe me might happen! High Tea is the most gorgeous muted olive colour which I can’t wait to pair with Preppy! Gold Digger and Cosmopolitan are very complimentary gold shades for green eyes! And Bada Bing is the most beautiful chocolate brown with gold reflective glitter running through it!

Holika Holika Face Masks – I looooove sheet masks, and it encourages my work a holiday ways to lie down and do nothing for half an hour. Plus they do great things to my skin! I become more radiant and less dull!

Makeup Geek Duochrome Highlighter – Electrify – I knew I wanted a neon green reflect highlighter, and didn’t know whether to go for the Jeffree Star Palette or this. But I’m glad I chose this as it is DIVINE! And was cheaper than the palette! A palette that I didn’t know I would have enjoyed all of the shades!

Zoeva Sweet Glamour Palette – Because a girl really doesn’t have enough eyeshadows! I hadn’t heard much of this but the array of colours were beautiful! And perfect for spring/summer! I’m very excited to try this!

Stila Glitter and Glow Eyeshadow – Wanderlust – This was a bit of an impromptu splurge….but I couldn’t help myself! It is a pink gold with a yellow green glitter duo chrome! What more could you want? Can you tell I’m loving green duochrome at the minute?

So that was my haul! Have you bought anything you are seriously loving at the minute? Not like I need another excuse to buy more makeup….(I DO)!

Thank you for reading!

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