Life Update | On The Up!

Now previously I have discussed on here I haven’t had the best start in life. Lots of anxiety and other things that have gone on more recently. But dare I say it…things are finally starting to look up!

My job progression is going really well, and hoping to be promoted pretty soon which is very exciting! I am going to be doing my first convention next year and I did my first Guest Spot a couple of months ago. And my client base is building too, which is magical! I feel exceptionally lucky to do my hobby as a job! It is perfect!

Another lovely bit of news…I’m in a relationship. Never thought it would happen especially with how hurt I was in my last relationship. But he is very kind, compassionate and understanding. And we are very happy together!

I’m also going to be starting my training for a triathlon next month! I’m getting a pretty snazzy bike and I’ll finally be able to be getting back into my fitness. Currently I have a stress fracture in my foot so running is a no no! Unfortunately!

I hope everyone here is doing well. Sorry for being slightly absent but I have been busy with my job and enjoying time with my boyfriend! But I’m back, and have lots more to right about!

Thank you for reading! ๐Ÿ’›

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