Monthly Favourites | May 2018 | I <3 Makeup Dragons Blood Highlighter

This was a hidden gem in Superdrug, let me tell you! So I was mooching around the brands in Superdrug, looking for a new blush. Something kind of red toned as that is the colour I naturally flush to. And I saw a couple of pricier blushes but then saw this one. I already own two of the other heart blushes, so I thought hey…might as well get the full collection! I tried it for the first time and fell in love. It was so reflective and beautiful. It made me look healthily flushed but glowing from within! I was overjoyed and for under a fiver, made it even more fantastic! And it lasts all day. I dont even have to wear foundation underneath, I just put this on my cheeks, and by the time I have to remove my makeup it is still there! Which some of my more expensive blushes don’t do!

Obsessed. That’s the word! What item have you been enjoying recently?

Thanks for reading!


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