FULL REVIEW | itCosmetics Full Coverage CC Cream

So this has literally been all the rage recently and I have seen so many Youtubers and bloggers talk about this thing of magical coverage! The thing that attracted me to this was the SPF as personally, I can be a little lazy with it. So if I wear a foundation with it in, I am more likely to be interested in it! But this baby has factor 50 and being of red head skin (thanks to my mother) I burn quicker than you can say Factor 50!-I think the first thing that attracted me to this was the fact the bottle was ergonomically pleasing with the pump and squeeze tube! Which means less likely to be the victim of waste as you could simply cut the tube, and decant it into a tub! Yes….unlike SOME brands…not to name names! But surely….there must be a catch. Thing with this sort of SPF can be quite so flawless in terms of coverage and have the texture worth sacrificing a sheep for. In fact don’t do that…sheep are ridiculously cute and should be for cuddling only! But seriously though, the texture of this is something else. It is surprisingly a little thicker than expected! More like a cream over a liquid. Which does hydrate the skin lovely. And having hydrated skin,my skin laps this up like a dog in the middle of summer!The coverage of this is phenomenal especially for something that feels so nourishing and good for the skin! It doesn’t feel right that something feels so good, works so well also! BUT IT DOES! The texture leaves your skins feeling semi-matte but looking glows still. I don’t know how this is possible. My skin felt so velvety soft! But I still looked hydrated and illuminated! It has a slight scent to it, but nothing overpowering! Just smells like makeup, if that makes any sense! You can see that my tone is even, my skin genuinely looks good! For once! And even helps reduce the appearance of my pores! It lasted very well throughout the day, and it was just my concealer I wore that creased, but not in my dimples, where sometimes foundation can get disrupted! I think I wore it for around 12 hours, on a shopping day! So I was very impressed, as I take shopping very seriously. It is a workout! But just look at my cheek! Can you see that evenness! I mean, it’s all makeup…I’m not blessed in any way! But that’s how good my makeup looked, and did wonders for my confidence!-For certain my favourite foundation of the moment! In LOVE!-Thank you for reading! 💛

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