My Current Makeup Bag Must Haves!!

I thought I would update you all on what I’m currently loving so much that they are being used EVERY day! And I literally can’t get enough of them! These also haven’t been out of my makeup bag for a couple of months too! They have been that used! And they provide me with a lot more confidence. Where I don’t look in the mirror and repulse, instead, I like my eyeliner, or I’ll like the shape of my eyebrows….which is a massive step in my confidence and self esteem!Makeup Revolution Conceal and Define (C2) – This concealer is the bomb. It covers al multitude of sins, all of my blemishes and under eye bags! And it doesn’t crease! And I have some lines under my eyes and my dimples where I always get creasing. But this stays put all day! Which I absolutely love! And for £4! You can’t complain; I’m reaching for this over my Nars, Clarins and Urban Decay!! – Kiko Radiant Baked Fusion Powder (01) – This powder is simply divine! The nicest powder I’ve ever used! It provides coverage, illumination and longevity to my makeup! I can’t part with it as it ticks all the boxes! Even more so than my Hourglass Powder (which is lovely….put it provides no coverage due to being translucent!). – Revolution Brow Pomade (Chocolate) – I have tried all of the pomades and from the expensive to the cheap, this is my favourite. The texture is divine, the longevity is consistent and the ease of use in the morning when you still have drool on your face. Just perfect for a perfect brow! – NYX Faux Black Eyeliners – I love how dark these are, but they aren’t black. They are greys, blues, maroons and purples. Granted the darkest tones of them. But still not black, which is perfect! They make my green eyes pop too, especially the Onyx, BlackBerry and Oxblood shade! – L’Oreal Lash Paradise (Waterproof) – I thought I was genuinely only going to ever use Maybelline Lash Sensational for the rest of my life. But I don’t know whether they changed the formula or I got a couple of bad ones, but it just became so clumpy. And wouldn’t lengthen my eyelashes like it used to! So my sister recommended this. And it is sheer perfection! I’m so in love! It lengthens, volumises and lasts all day! Very impressed! I ❤ Makeup Dragons Heart Highlighter – The texture of this mirrors those of a high end price! The pigmentation for a blush is fantastic. It is the perfect finely milled texture that creates a build le coverage. Is I like a strong blush, but even those who don’t like tho, can like this as the various tones create a custom colour! I’m choosing this over Nars Orgasm and Jeffree Star Dark Horse! – Jeffree Star Liquid Lipstick (Calabassas, Mannequin) – I think everyone is aware with how much I love these lipsticks, and literally don’t use anything else! But these two shades have been a favourite of the moment. Calabassas is a beautiful rose pink shade that is so flattering and almost vintage looking! Perfect for any time of the year too! And Mannequin is the perfect nude for us pale ladies! Gorgeously neutral and goes with any eye look or blush! Just lush!

I hope you found this interesting! I recommend all of these products and then some!

Thanks or reading!

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