FULL REVIEW | The Ordinary Coverage Foundation (Shade 1.0N)

Okay, I was sucked in….a foundation….with enough variations of undertones for pale skin…

And it’s under £6!!! Whaaaaa!

Yep, I was hooked with the idea and was even half expecting to be majorly disappointed with this! Just because it was way too good to be true. But you know what…I was pretty darn impressed!

The texture isn’t quite a gel, but it isn’t a liquid either. It’s the happy medium. I picked up the one that looked yellower but not too dark so 1.0N was the best one for me! It glides onto the skin and feels very nourishing which is perfect for my dry, dehydrated skin! It gives you a slightly dewier than satin finish! So I would recommend powdering it, if you have oilier patches! I applied it with my favourite makeup brush of the moment which is the Morphe Y6! And that applied it, BEAUTIFULLY!

Full coverage, I’d freaking say so! As you can see on the bare side, I have a freckles, darkness around my nose and yellow pigmentations. This gives the illusion of dullness and shallowness to my skin, which gives me an “ill look”. And as you can see on the other side….blank canvas! My eye area is brightened, my freckles are almost non existent, and all my little scarring from blemishes have gone too! I feel like I have a piece of paper for skin, to contour and play with! Overjoyed!

Finished! The only thing it didn’t cover was the little spot by my tear duct! But I think that is more because of the area, and my brush couldn’t get to it. I also think as it is quite raised, nothing would be able to cover the height of it. I’m so in love with this foundation, and it is literally £6! What an absolute bargain! I would genuinely choose this over my Makeup Forever HD Foundation! Sits better on the skin, much nicer finish and a lovely colour match! Overjoyed!

I hope you enjoyed reading this! I urge you guys to try this if you have dehydrated skin like me! It is so comfortable!

Thank you for reading!

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