First Impression | Jeffree Star Supreme Frost Highlighter (Money Honey)

I have been having a really rough few weeks so you probably saw in my haul that I picked up THE GEM that is the Supreme Frost by Jeffree Star in Money Honey. I had to…it cheered me up immensely and I knew i would get so much use out of it!

It has the loveliest texture. It is like a powder…hard gel texture. But the glitter and glow you get from this is unreal. I saw Jeffree put his phone torch over it so I had to try it and oh my goodness, it was blinding! The sparkles almost looked like stars, they were so gorgeous. It applied beautifully but then I kicked it up a notch and applied it wet, and it was BLINDING!

I picked Money Honey as I thought it would go with most of my looks. One of my go to looks is a mustard and green smokey eye! But thought this would also go with my more neutral looks. Hell I’d wear it with purple…in fact, that is giving me ideas! I even rocked this with nothing but eyebrows and concealer on, and it just made me look that little bit pull together! I loved it!

This is my first time wearing it and hell, I went a little overboard. But I love a good highlight. I started by putting it on my inner corner. Gorgeous. Then I put it on my cheeks and brow bone…I hyperventilated. Then I thought, f*** it, lets put it over my lipstick. And yep…I was in love. Finally popped it on the tip,of my nose. And I was ready to emotionally reach into the air. I was overjoyed. It looked so gorgeous!

So what is my honest opinion. I love! Wasn’t it obvious? I was going to love this from the get go! So it was well worth the investment! I urge all of you…if you need a gorgeous green highlight in your life, get this! You will NOT regret it. You’ll spray your brush, apply to the cheeks and you will feel complete. Too much? Okay I’ll stop!

I hope you enjoyed reading this!

Thank you for reading!

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