FIRST IMPRESSION | I 💛 Revolution Violet Chocolate Palette

I’ve seen these in Superdrug and thought they were the most darling things! So adorable! And loved the colour combinations and how they had a mix of neutrals and pop of colours. While I was still unwell and really enjoying my blog I thought I would do full reviews of the ones that I thought were super pretty!

If you know me…you know violets are probably my favourite smelling flowers! I love Parma violets too! And the Yardley April Violets perfume is an old favourite of mine. I actually wore it in school! It’s just the most innocent, powdery scent! And come on, it’s a gorgeous colour too! Right onto the palette!

It feels like a substantial palette, like it has a good weight to it. It’s. It heavy, and would still be perfect for travelling, but it makes it feel like it is more expensive than it is! Plus have you seen the little chocolate wedges. Eeeeee! It’s so cute! And that colour is gorgeous! It’s my favourite purple!

Onto the shadows! I am in love with the shade selection! You can do the most muted neutral eye look with this, but you can also do a va va voom look too. It is a perfect mix of neutrals and pops! My favourite shades in the palette are Idolize, Desired, Vaudeville, Mulberry and Forsaken! If you have green eyes, this is the one for you. And it’s not all just the blue toned purples. Which are gorgeous, but not everyone with green eyes wants to wear them. To make your green eyes pop you need warm browns, you need reddy pinks, you need deep plums! And they have you covered with this palette! Just gorgeous!

The texture of these eyeshadows are very impressive! Pigmented sparkles, buttery shimmers and creamy mattes. They blend a dream! The only problematic shade I found was Foresaken. It’s beautiful. So beautiful but with the brush I used, it fluffed it up too much. The pigment was there, but more like a wash over the BAM that the other shades are!

I started this look with applying Prevail to set my primer. I then went into Conjure to blend into my crease so my blended eyeshadows have something to blend to. I then went in with Violaceous and went into outer third and inner third of the eyelid. I then went into Amethyst and applied that into the centre of the eyelid. Then with a blending brush I applied Desired to the crease and blended it into Conjure. I then went into Praise and applied that (fairly heavily) to the lower lash line. And then I took the blending brush with the remainder of Desired to. Lend them all together! And apply your mascara and you’re done!!

I started the look with the shade Conjure over the entire lid and blending it up to the crease. I then, with a fluffy brush, blended Idolize into my crease and feathering it out. I then applied Mulberry with a pencil brush and blended it across my lower lash line. I then applied with the same brush and took Forsaken and blended that further towards the inner corner but not on the inner corner. Then I took Expedite just on the very corner of my lash line. Just to deepen up the outer corner. For the lower lash line, I took Cultivate and blended that fairly far down. I then applied expedite closer to the waterline, to deepen it even further. Then I brightened the inner corner with Prevail. Applied mascara. Voila!

So all in all, if you have green eyes, this is the eyeshadow palette for you. And it is under £10! This is just lush! I would urge any of you green eyed babes to try this. You won’t regret it!

Hope you enjoyed reading this!

Thank you so much! 💛

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