Dancing To Glamour #4 | Paso Doble

The Paso Doble is all about sharpness, arches and drama, so I wanted to create a look that did just that. Smooth transitions, sharp flicks and intensity is what is expected in a paso. Flamenco lines, back arches etc. The woman is the cape in this dance, and the man is the matador (bull fighter). And the woman mirrors his movements and cloaks his routine with fluid movements. All I wanted to represent in this look! I hope you enjoy!

I started the look with priming my eyes with MAC Painterly. I then went in with Makeup Geek Frappe in the crease and kept blend blend blending until I got a nice soft gradient. I then went in with MAC Handwritten and continued to blend into Frappr. Then came the fun and slightly messy part….BLACK. I used the black from the Too Faced Power of Makeup palette. And packed that all over the lid. Then blend blend blend into Handwritten and Frappe. The next step is kind of tricky, but be patient! And take it slow. I got my black eyeliner, this time I used Clinique Eyelining Pen and lined a dramatic double wing and inner corner double feline flick. I then went in with my NYX White Eyeliner and mirrored that line above. After that I went I with my Red Vivid Brights Eyeliner by NYX and filled the final gap with it. Like I said, go slow, this can get messy very quickly! I then went in with a black eyeliner pencil, I used Weirdo by Jeffree Star and tight-lined and then smudged down on the lower lashes. I applied mascara and lashes and BOOM, you’re done!

I hope you enjoyed this look! I certainly did!

Thank you for reading!

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