EMPTIES | November 2018 | Jeffree Star, The Body Shop, Anastasia Beverly Hills

I’m pretty sure I’ve not done an empties on my blog! So I thought, I’d look through my products and see which ones were near the end of their life and use them for a bit. And I did. And fast forward, they are FINALLY gone! So I thought I would show you these products and do some mini reviews!m

Garnier Oil Infused Micellar Water

You all know, it was in my yearly favourites, this is my go to cheap and cheerful micellar water! It is perfect for waterproof mascara and I love it!

Benefit Posie Tint

I went through a phase of wearing this every single day! When I was an apprentice at the first studio I worked at, I was always in early and had barely any time to do my makeup! But you know me, I love blush. So I applied this on my cheeks and it took SECONDS! And that was…4 years ago? And it has been in my collection since! I’ve been through two of these now, so it is a firm favourite! And it was really nostalgic wearing this again. I usually wear this when it is a concealer and brows day and literally nothing else. This just gives me a fresh glowy flush. And I love it

Anastasia Dip Brow Pomade (Taupe)

I really like this Pomade when I have no time to do my makeup! It is so pigmented that you barely need to touch your brow and BAM you have a frame to your eyes! It is the perfect colour to match my hair too. I love it! So am kind of sad it is all gone! I would totally repurchase it, but I do have a lot of cheaper ones I enjoy too, so can’t really justify the money just yet!

The Body Shop Camomile Cleansing Balm

My god, this is an old favourite! I have used this since high school, and it cleanses my skin and nourishes my dehydration so well! It is to die for! It does leave residue on your skin but I need that to quench my skins thirst! It’s luscious! I’m going to do a full review on the Camomile range! So keep yo eyes peeled!

NYX White Liquid Eyeliner

I have been doing a lot of creative looks being that I’ve been off work. And the only thing I can do is sit on my bed and distract myself. So this has been very well loved! I love white little dots on a beautiful colourful blended look and this is gorgeous. It dries quickly and is super pretty! It gives it sparkle without any glitter! It’s magical! Kind of matches my tattooing style!

Makeup Revolution Conceal and Define Concealer (C2)

This is quite possibly my favourite concealer of the year. It doesn’t crease, it is full coverage, it doesn’t look too heavy under the eyes! It is to die for! And it is £6! Bargain! They have a fantastic shade selection, AND IM NOT THE PALEST SHADE (come on your the second palest)……..BUT STILL!

Jeffree Star Liquid Lipstick (Celebrity Skin)

My go to nude! I didn’t even realise until one day, I was like oh…nothing left! And was gutted so immediately had to repurchase. These smell delicious! Just like my favourite drink of all time, root beer! And the scent lasts, because the one I’m throwing out now, still smells edible! I can’t believe it! Perfect nude of all time! Trust me!

Clinique High Impact Mascara (mini)

I really enjoyed this mascara. When I am doing looks, waterproof mascaras are not friendly! So I used this a lot when I was doing looks that were particularly dark and complex or when I had more looks I wanted to do on the same day! Not only did this come off nice, it gave my eyelashes equal amounts of length and volume. I actually kind of miss it! But it is fairly pricey, so can’t justify it right now!

The Body Shop Lemon Lip Balm

These last SO long! You can tell because this is their old packaging!!! And I use this every night before bed! And it is finally used up. It smells gorgeous; lemon drizzle cake!! It is lush! It is nourishing but not too sticky! And doesn’t disturb me when I’m trying to get to sleep. I absolutely love their lipbalms. I’m currently using my new one in Vanilla Chai!

I hope you enjoyed reading this! This was not only satisfying to write but really nice knowing I’ve got my money’s worth! Really liked these! Let me know what you’ve used up recently, or what products you go through the most!

Thank you for reading! 💛

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