HAUL | Edinburgh 2018 | Space NK, Boots, Harvey Nicholls

So when we went to Edinburgh…I was rather excited by the concept of going into Space NK. Why you may ask. Well for any of you who are unaware, Space NK is an apothecary filled with makeup and skincare. Those of a higher price tag, this a much higher and STUNNING quality! We also went into Boots, a British pharmacy and cosmetics shop. And a lot of things were 3 for 2…so more damage was made!! And from finally…I went into Harvey Nicholls, a high end British department store where it was full of gorgeous beauty items! It was a lovely and overwhelming experience. And some treats were bought! They are as followed.

Fenty Beauty Foundation (140)

Hurrah!! I’m not the palest shade!!! I can’t believe how amazing Rihanna has done to create 40 shades!! For every man or woman in every shade! Fair flipping play! I’m so excited to use this!!

Hourglass Ambient Lighting Blush (Euphoric Fusion)

Ive been on the market for a shimmery plum blush. And when I saw this and swatched it, I was in love! It is so pigmented, shimmery and delicious! Like the colour of the plum shade is just on point! Can’t WAIT to use this!

Becca Shimmering Skin Perfecter (Champagne Pop)

Now I really didn’t need this. But as soon as I swatched this, a little part of me wept. That sounded like I peed myself…I didn’t, just to clarify! Wow Emily! But this is so smooth and the perfect Apricot based Champagne shade! I am in love!

NARS Hardwired Eyeshadows (Chile, Lunar)

Other impulse buys, but I hadn’t seen that the new Nars eyeshadows were now Z Palette friendly! And that is what turns me off of buying them. The goods inside are divine, but sadly the packaging stops me from reaching them, SO I was very glad to see this! And the two shades I got were on the pink spectrum, one duochromes a olive shade, the other duochromes a blue. They are just stunning!

Benefit Minis (Gold Rush Blush, KA-Brow in shade 3, Porefessional)

I got very excited because if you bought three of these, they were £25 saving you some money. But not the best bit! YOU GET A FREE STOCKING! It’s already up in my room. The blush, as described is a warm nectar shade. And that couldn’t be more apt! It is a beautiful rose gold shimmery blush and I can’t wait to use it! The KA-Brow, my shade is shade 3, is such a handy handbag size. Just in case you do what I do, and forget eyebrows smudge, and then you have a dodgy eyebrow in a photo! I can adjust, it is wonderful. And Porefessional is a beautiful smoothing primer, that is the only one I genuinely feel works for my pores!

Pixi T Zone Peel Off Mask

I felt the need to really get back into my skincare. I used to be a lot better, and I’ll be honest, I got lazy. But I wanted to invest into some decent products and it really got me excited to use it. This was advised to me as a gentle, non stripping but still does the job. So super excited because I bloody love a peel off mask! But I know they aren’t the most recommended.

Boots Lift Instantly Gorgeous Oil

My sister, who is more into skincare than makeup, is a goddess of skin care advice. And she told me that if I applied oil, before I put on my concealer, my fine lines will be visibly reduced. I have a few lines under my eyes. And certain concealers can accentuate that. So I am most intrigued! Thanks Bex! I’ll do a blog post on this too!

Pixi Rose Tonic

My sister uses the Glow Tonic, and she let me try some on our trip to Edinburgh. I found it a little harsh for my skin (I have very sensitive skin…I’m a delicate flower!) and she told me they have a gentler “Rose Tonic”. And my ears pricked up because I loved the texture of the Glow Tonic, but I could feel it working with a little bit of tingling and I didn’t like that! So I’m excited to try this!

NYX Brow Products (NYX Eyebrow Gel in Brunette, NYX Tame and Frame Pomade in Brunette)

I had an inspiration moment, and really want to do a blog post about NYX Brow products so keep your eyes peeled! I have most of them, if all of them! And I’m really not in love with my eyebrow routine so I thought it was time for a change! And with all of the brow products I own from NYX, one will work for me!

No7 Matte Eyeshadow (Mocha)

I saw this and bought it…why? It is literally everything I have been looking for an eyebrow shadow! It has a bit of a sparkle overspray. I don’t care, sparkly eyebrows are cute! But my Obsession eyeshadow has hit pan, and is probably going to break soon, so I wanted to be prepared!

And that is everything I bought in Edinburgh! I had saved up for this trip as I knew there was a Space NK, so wanted to prepare myself! That is makeup dedication ha!

I hope you enjoyed reading this! I had so much fun writing this! Hauls are one of my favourites! To watch, read and write! I’m just a shopping addict!

Thank you for reading!

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