2018 Holiday Looks #1 | Fir Trees Galore

Is it too soon for the “dreaded” C word? I think not. If you haven’t already guessed by how early this look is, I freaking love Christmas. Like so much. I am sure I’m a reincarnated Christmas elf!

So I thought I’d do this Look based on one of the best parts of Christmas! The treeeee! But this time, the bare tree. The fir three. With its whispy greenness! I used all Makeup Geek eyeshadows in this look! So let me know what you think of this look! Enjoy reading how I did this!

I started this look with a base, this time I used the Too Faced Shadow Insurance. I then went into the shade Chickadee in the crease and onto the brow bone slightly. This provided a soft warmth to the whole look. I then went into Preppy and a slightly more slender brush and applied that into the crease. I then went into the shade High Tea. Blend blend blend into the other colours. Then with a pencil brush I applied a Dirty Martini across the lower lash line. You should have a blank space on the centre of your lid. With this, I applied Karma (the most gorgeous duo chrome eyeshadow EVER) in the centre with my finger. I then applied Chickadee first, then Preppy, then High Tea and finally Dirty Martini on the lower lash line. Finally I felt like maybe a hit of neon would really work, kind of like the sun hitting the tree kind of colour. So I applied Pixie Dust just in the very centre with a teeny brush. I then applied Karma in the inner corner, and thought f*** it, apply it as a highlighter too. So I did!

I then applied Jeffree Star Baby Daddy to the lips, and applied a bit of Karma to the centre which looked INSANE! I then felt I needed a bit of contour so applied my trust NYX Taupe Blush to the hollows of my cheeks. And Voila! Complete!

I hope you enjoyed this blog post! I really enjoyed this look! I have two more ideas for my other holiday looks, so stay tuned!

Thank you for reading!

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