FIRST IMPRESSION | Pixi T Zone Peel Off Mask

I love peeling things. Ever since a young age. When I was little I would slather (good word) PVA glue, wait for it to dry and have the most fun peeling it off. So as I’ve gotten older, peel off masks were my favourite, but looking into them, they strip your skin so badly! So I was reading into gentler peel off masks as I find they work wonders for my t zone pores. And came across this baby!

Isn’t she a beaut!!! I love the packaging, simplistic, hygienic and easy to use. Nothing worse than those packs where you have to shovel the product out and you ruin towels trying to remove it off your hands! Yuck!

It comes out the tube as a pearly green gel texture. It has a fun putty, goopy texture that I really enjoy in a peel off mask. I applied it with my fingers across my t zone. It took about 10-15 minutes to dry. And then the fun part began. I started from the very edges rather than picking it from the middle bits that were peeling, so it could be done in one sweep. And it worked. It peeled off effortlessly! Even off of my nose rings, I just gave them a little rub and they were clear immediately!

And these are the results! The top you can see I have a few blocked pores. It is my problem area in terms of pores, and having a piggy nose, it makes it very visible! But look at the below picture! They have visibly been reduced! I was so shocked! I thought it would remove a couple, but there is lots that have been erased or minimally visible. It is sometimes harder to tell as I do have little freckles on my nose, but the very obvious pores like marks have been emptied and nourished! I’m overjoyed!

I think the more I use this the clearer my pores will be. They recommend using this twice a week, so that is what I’ll do, and I’ll do an update later to show you how my skin has gotten better!

Let me know you’re favourite masks!! I love my Garnier Anti Fatigue sheet masks too!

Thank you for reading! ๐Ÿ’›

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