FULL REVIEW | Jeffree Star Velour Lip Liners (Weirdo, Dirty Money, Leo)

Now as you know, I am a massive fan of Jeffree Stars makeup. Doesn’t mean I agree with the things he says or believes and I don’t like to get involved in dramas. BUT dang he knows makeup and produces gems of products!!

The packaging of these are absolutely stunning. Even on display they are a strong statement! Very substantial to hold and I love that you can see the colour at the bottom. Just gorgeous. Very very Jeffree!

They swatch like nothing else!! I was so impressed and excited to try them. Weirdo is the deepest black! Dirty Money is a unique sage green colour. And Leo is a perfect camel brown! The most exciting part of these was being told that they were eye safe, so they could be used yes, in the water line. But this is when it starts to go down hill!

Dirty money was beautiful. Can’t complain. The consistency was dryer than expected but still easy to work with. And without sounding woe is me, it lasted through a panic attack and immense crying! Hurrah! The only down side was it didn’t really show up in the water line. But as I like a grungy look, I wasn’t too bothered.

Leo was also really lovely. Still drier than I expected but I loved how it looked on the upper lash line, just to give your lids a bit of depth and colour. It was really tough to blend. But nothing too major. But then I was disappointed with how the lead snapped when I was adding more to my upper lash line, which kinda hurt!

Weirdo. Was weird. I did not get on with this. It didn’t show up on my waterline at all. And as I worked it into my lashes it crumbled. Which irritated my eyes. So they ran. A lot. I let them settle and tried to go in again but then it bunched up and erased my hard work. I was so disappointed!! I thought this was going to be my perfect black eyeliner!! Not. A. Fan.

Now you’re probably thinking Emily duuuuh, they are eye safe yes but they are LIP Liners. Now, I’m getting to that. And it’s not pretty. To prep my lips I applied a Lush lip scrub and applied a light layer of lip balm which I do with all lipliners as it makes them creamier and glide on beautifully. And with them being matte, I thought it would provide a little bit if hydration!

Daaaaang. Crumbly isn’t the word!! They totally destroyed my lips.

Weirdo. Dear God. It was so patchy!! Crumbled all over my lips, mimicking crusty skin! I was so unbelievably disappointed. And it wouldn’t apply to certain areas of my lips which was bizarre. I applied my LA girl lipliner afterwards and they applied seamlessly. So it wasn’t didn’t my lips being a rubbish canvas.

Leo. Not the worst of the bunch. But still not fab. It took a long time that morning to get it to look THAT good. And the same thing happened. Crumbling. Patchiness. And discomfort. They were so drying. And that was with my layer of moisture underneath. It totally drank it up.

Dirty money. Best in the eyes. Worst on the lips. Dear God. The lead snapped. And you can see where it bunched up and snapped. I do not know why my lips did not want them to apply!!

All in all I’m so gutted. These were not fakes, I bought these off the Beauty Bay Black Friday Sale for £9.09 each. I’m pleased I bought them on sale as if I bought then full price and performed this badly I’d be so disappointed. The picture below is one of my favourite lip liner formulas by La Girl (Endless Semi Permanent Lipliner). It blends seamlessly over my lips, texture isn’t disrupted, matte; they are just lovely! And nearly a third of the price!

Now I am for no reason slating Jeffree Stars brand at all. You know how obsessed I am with his liquid lipsticks and highlighters and eyeshadows!!! And it hadn’t dampened my opinion of his brand as I still have lots I’d love to purchase from his brand! But if you had to choose something from him, go for the liquid lips or the eyeshadows. I wouldn’t recommend the lip liners. Which I’m devastated about!! I think they worked better on the eyes than on the lips! But Weirdo was like nothing else, maybe I just got a bad one, I don’t know.

I hope you enjoyed reading this!! Sorry it had a negative tinge to it!! Promise my next post will be cheerier!

Thank you for reading!!!

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