Right in this post I’m only going to include my new products. So for example I don’t have a new powder, eyeshadow base or mascara. So will not include those! Just my new product. They will be mini reviews but if you want full reviews of any of these products, do let me know! I’m blogging practically every day right now, as I’m off work unwell. So the more posts I can write the better right now!

Fenty Beauty Pro Filt’r Foundation (140)

First of all, beautiful texture! And it blends a dream! I would say it is medium to full coverage! The shade range is perfection! I mean, pale old me, isn’t the lightest shade! Hurrah! It does oxidise, so I will have to use a pale concealer to counter act that, and bronze my neck a little. So I would recommend getting the shade lighter. But luckily, this shade is the colour I tan to, so will be the perfect summer foundation for me! The undertone is PERFECT! It is a pale yellow! Which is so hard to find. It does cling to very dry patches. It didn’t cling ti the dryness around my eyebrows, just around my lips. Which are horrifically chapped right now! But all in all, I really like it!

MAC Select Cover Up Concealer (NC15)

I always go for a pink based concealer so it covers my under eye circles that bit better but…meh…I’m not too fussed with this. I mean it brightens lovely. But it is quite thick. It covers my blemishes, but dare I say it…it’s so cakey! This I think would be far better as an eye primer, or something for a cut crease a it’s very thick. Maybe the sample I got was from on older tube, I don’t know. But not gonna lie, I’m not a fan! I mean look at the picture! Yuck! Not a flattering look! Crusty af! But if you can see the cheeks, that is all Fenty Beauty, which is flawlessly beautiful! I only used this concealer under the eyes and around the nose!

NYX Eyebrow Gel (Brunette)

Dare I say it. I gonna say it. It’s everything I’ve been looking for and more. It is pigmented but still has a little bit of transparency. It is buildable, but not too thick. It is the perfect colour, not too red, not too grey. It is so easy to use. I am in love. I think this might be holy grail worthy! I’m overjoyed!

No7 Matte Eyeshadow (Mocha)

Ok. Really good brow day! This is pigmented but dry enough that there isn’t any annoying fall out on your eyes or nose after applying this which makes you look muddy. The texture of this is perfect! I’ll be honest, it has a glitter overspray, but it doesn’t show up on the eyebrows. And hey glitter eyebrows are cool anyway, so I wouldn’t be too bothered. New go to brow powder! I’m obsessed!

NARS Hardwired Eyeshadow (Lunar)

Holy moly. This is beautiful; so glittery! I applied a spot of Mario Badescu spray on a flat shader brush and then patted it onto the eye, it has a sheer base to it, so I would recommend either a white or purple base to it. I used MAC Painterly, which was beautiful and fairy like, but if you want a KAPOW LILAC SPARKLE moment, I would recommend that. It blends flawlessly with other eyeshadows. It doesn’t fluff away, the sparkle just moves a little with your brush, I blended this with Makeup Geek eyeshadows and it worked beautifully. And I wore purple mascara with this by Too Faced and it looked stunning! Very impressed! And glad that it worked as this was expensive *sweats profusely while nervously laughing*.

Benefit Boxed Blush (Gold Rush)

I wanted a warmer blush as the eyes were so cool. And goodness me, this is stunning. A slightly sheerer coverage (which is good for me, as I am so heavy with blush). But it builds a dream! It is described as a warm nectar shade and I think that is the perfect description. There is a golden overspray, and I’m slightly gutted it isn’t running through the whole blush, not gonna lie! But it is very pretty without!

Becca Shimmering Skin Perfector (Champagne Pop)

Holy shit, ok sorry for swearing. But you guys! Seriously! This is pigmented. This is the most gorgeous golden highlight. It provides warmth, it provides a healthy glow, it provides a lil bit of summit summit that you don’t even realise you need. Then you apply,it. And you’re blown away with how it looks. You can totally understand why it is a cult favourite. It is a bit deeper than the usual champagne. It is unlike anything else on my collection. I can see this being heavily used. Pwoar!

NYX Duo Chrome Lipgloss (Crushing It)

Wow, this is pigmented! It is a lovely texture, not sticky, but not like it is going to slip and slide off your lips. Tacky. But not too tacky. It is a white base but has a blue/purple duochrome. Similar to Illamasqua Beguile pigment, but in lipgloss form! Stunning! And it smells like sweeties!

So all in all I would say 80% were gorgeous and worked beautifully. Highly recommend the foundation, eyeshadow and highlight! Brows are totally holy grail worthy! Concealer, ew. Not a fan, and the lipgloss is very daring but I kind of dig it!

Let me know what you’ve recently tried that worked, and what really did not! I’m intrigued!

Thanks for reading!

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