PRODUCT WARS | NYX Brow Products!

As you are probably aware, my eyebrows have taken a journey. My natural eyebrows are very low on my eyelid, giving me very little space to work with for eyeshadow. So when someone suggested shaving the ends off and drawing them on I thought, Genius! And since then my eyebrow game has gotten a lot better!

I love drag eyebrows, so some may think these last ones are a little dramatic, Vulcan even. But they make me feel most confident and feel like they lift my face when I feel most sunken!

I have always been a massive fan of NYX! They are affordable but professional makeup! They even say that! And it isn’t s false statement, most of the stuff is genuinely amazing! So I was browsing in Edinburgh at the array of brow products they have in their collection. And not gonna lie, was a little overwhelmed. They literally have everything, so I bought all the things I didn’t have so I could test them out. And show you the hits and the misses! All depending what you look for in a brow!

NYX Brow Mascara (Brunette) and NYX Micro Brow Pencil (Taupe)

This is the most natural of all the eyebrows. But I’m not gonna lie, I think it’s kinda cute. If I am just going to the shop and it’s literally just a half an hour job and I don’t want to do my whole face, it’s perfect. It is exceptionally natural, so if you look for that in a brow or are blessed with lush eyebrows that only needs a teeny bit of refinery then these will work perfectly!

NYX Brow Mascara (Brunette), NYX Micro Brow Pencil (Taupe) and NYX Eyebrow Cake Powder (Blonde)

I did exactly the same as the one above, but I set it all with a powder. This technique would work best with ladies who suffer from “eyebrow dispersal” where your eyebrows slip down your face, then setting them will be the best option. The powder is very pigmented so does define them more, which I really like! Very natural looking and so quick to do. If you have little time in the morning but like a defined eyebrow then definite give these products a go!

NYX Tame and Frame Brow Pomade (Brunette) and Eyebrow Cake Powder (Blonde)

Now this product kicks it up a notch. A little more sharpness, a little bit more “Instagram” brows. The kind of eyebrows I really like. But they still have an air of softness to them as the pomade is a little more “whipped” of a texture. Not as pigmented either. So if you find you prefer to build up your eyebrows this po ade might be the best for you! The brow powder, like I explained is a lovely texture, nice and pigmented and sets the cream products perfectly while providing a little more colour! You can create sharpness by concealing around the outside of the brows, but that can only be done when you have the time as it can be time consuming!

NYX Waterproof Eyebrow Gel (Brunette) and NYX Eyebrow Cake Powder (Blonde)

This has revolutionised my eyebrow game! You can get the crispest line! It fades effortlessly for the HD eyebrow look! This is very buildable. It starts off light if you have a little bit on your brush, and then it can be built up with more product and you can get deeper pigment. This is so creamy and not in the least bit crumbly and dry! It is delightful! My go to eyebrow product if the minute! I then set it with the cake powder and I was good to go. You can carve them further with concealer, but I wanted to show you the product on its own. If you get the product bunching at the edges, you can pat it down with a powder brush which flattens it! Little trick there. But I absolutely love this product so much!

So those are my little reviews of the ways you can use all of the NYX Eyebrow products! And which ones will work best for you depending what your overall desire is for your eyebrows!

I hope you enjoyed reading this, what was your eye brow product of the year this year?

Thank you for reading!

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