FULL REVIEW | Wet n Wild Photo Focus Foundation (Soft Ivory)

I was so happy to find out Wet n Wild was being sold in Boots in the UK now! A brand I have wanted to try in FOREVER! All the American you tubers I watch talk about the quality of the products and at such a low cost! So I was keen to try some of their products! The one most exciting, was this! I’ve heard wonderful things about this! So thought it best to do a full review on this bad boy!

First thing I will say is the shade range. It in Boots was atrocious. I think there were 6 shades. However I’ve looked online and there are more than 6 shades available. Why Boots aren’t supplying them all is shocking in my opinion. I think what it is missing is a really pale almost white shade, and a rich deeper shade. As I feel all the darker shades were simply not dark enough and the lighter shades were not light enough. My shade is Soft Ivory. But I digress.

The first thing I noticed of this foundation was the smell. Imagine burnt banana bread. It has a banana scent to it, at least that’s what I think it smells like. The smell however doesn’t irritate my skin (YAY) as I have worn if for a few weeks now and hasn’t broken me out. The smell does fade once it sinks into the skin.

The texture of this foundation is a liquid. Not incredibly runny but it will drop down your arm if you hold it at an angle. This finish to me is on the dewier side of satin, so it’s not dewy. But it isn’t as matte as satin. If that makes any sense. It is advertised as a full coverage foundation. Do I agree? Yes. It isn’t like framing hell, I’m a doll kind of flawless, but it is certainly of a high coverage. I have been struggling with hormonal break out recently while my endometriosis is flaring up. And all of my redness was covered in a lovely way. It very much looks like skin which is great however did cling a little to the dryness around my spots and around my nose. But once I set with powder and spray, that all disappeared.

As you can see, the difference is fantastic! My skin tone has evened out so beautifully! I look illuminated. My red eyes (from sleeping like crap) have disappeared and my blemishes have also been eradicated from existence. Very impressed! It lasts fairly well on the skin. I normally powder with my Kiko Baked Fusion Powder and then give myself a boost of hydration with one of my Mario Badescu Spritzes. Which does provide a great deal of longevity to my skin. I have very dehydrated skin, and my foundation normally disperses around my mouth, chin and nose first. But I found this did a pretty good job of keeping it on those problem areas. The powder/foundation combo harmonised beautifully!

All in all I really like this foundation, once I get past how overpowering it smells! It’s not a horrible scent, it is just very potent. It is a great shade match for me too (ivory but with yellow undertones). I find high street foundations are always so pink based so finding a yellow based one was a dream! Only down side to this. No pump. You have to scoop it out with a palette like applicator.

I hope you enjoyed this foundation review! Let me know what you think of this foundation!

Thank you for reading πŸ’›

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