Dancing To Glamour #5 – Rock n Roll

Rock ‘n’ Roll is a very fun dance. It is a mix of lindy-hop and jive but to some of the best songs ever! So I wanted something bold and modern but with a lil bit of summit summit to enhance the whole feeling of the dance!

I started to look by priming my eyes. I then went in with the MAC eyeshadow Blanc Type all over the lid. I then went into the shade Copperplate with a fluffy brush and blended this into the crease. Then I grabbed a smaller crease brush and applied Scene more concentrated in the deeper crease. Then grabbing a mix of Copperplate and Scene on the fluffy brush for a seamless blend. I then went into Typographic with the smaller crease brush and blend blend blend. I then grabbed my MAC Prolongwear Concealer and cut my crease. Then applied Gesso with a packing brush over the top of the concealer. I then went in with a liquid eyeliner over the cut crease and my lower lash line. And then, for the special something, I applied my Stila Magnificent Metals Glitter and Glow Eyeshadow in Diamond Dust and lined over the black. I then grabbed a pencil brush and applied Typographic heavily on the lower lash line and blending it under the wing. Finally I applied mascara! And the look was complete!

I hope,you enjoyed this look! I loved doing it! I might recreate it with different colours now!

Thank you for reading! 💛

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