FULL REVIEW | Stila Glitter and Glow Liquid Eyeshadows

These bad boys. Oh goodness me, I really don’t think you’re prepared. Although you probably are…because people are talking about these all over the world! But seriously, these are just gorgeous!

They come in many shades, which I will go through. I don’t have them all but the ones I do have I will go through individually. But the picture shows the ones I have! I am in need of Kitten. Because if it’s a Stila classic!

The texture of these are divine! They are liquid to begin with. But dry down to a chunky “gold flake texture” glitter that stays put (unless you get your nails in there). Once they are dry they don’t budge or transfer. So I find being careful (especially as I have hooded eyes) with creasing my eye lid too much while it dries. Not gonna lie, I do look a bit strange sitting there looking down urgently waiting for it to dry!

Diamond Dust – This shade is gorgeous. It has a metallic base so it with silver glitter and some holographic glitter pieces too, but it is predominantly silver over holographic! I normally apply it with a liner brush as I find it is a thicker almost eyeliner consistency so is perfect for a crisp line!

Perlina – This is a beautiful, as the name suggests, Pearl shade! It is a white shimmer base, with a purple, blue and green shift with pale holographic sparkles too! It has a much thinner texture! So it is a little easier to work with for applying over the eye fully with the applicator. But it can be used to line it has well! Just requires a little more patience!

Wanderlust – I saw RawBeautyKristi use this, and I wept a little when I saw how beautiful it was! It has a tan base, with gold, pink and even a slight green shift to it! It’s so unique! It is a tinnier consistency and with it being a deeper shade, is better used as an eyeshadow topper! But it is simply gorgeous!

Sea Siren – Now this is a beauty! It is has a pink base but then has such an intense blue purple shift to it! It is sublime! I love wearing this with purple eyeshadows, for example I wore the Blood Sugar Palette with this look. But I also love learning it with blues for a quirky twist to it! It’s a topper texture again!

Golden Goddess – Now this consistency is very similar to Diamond Dust and is perfect for lining! However I used this as a topper and it still works beautifully. But it does have very large flakes of glitter (almost look like 24K gold flakes) which settle gorgeously on the eyes! But can certainly be used to line too! I would use an angled liner brush for this!

All in all, I love this. But they are expensive for what you get. You get 5ml of product. But the quality is gorgeous and they are so worth the investment! I have yet to find a decent dupe for this! So if you have one, do let us know, as I am addicted to these!

I hope you enjoyed reading this review! What are your favourite shades?

Thanks for reading! ๐Ÿ’›

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