Dancing To Glamour #6 | Foxtrot

The Fox Trot. A classic ballroom dance with technical footwork and fluid lines. Simplicity is key, but with a little bit of glitzy pizazz! Which is what I wanted to create with this look! I wanted golds, for richness, I wanted a bit of warmth for the fuzzy feelings you get when watching the gliding across the floor. And finally I wanted a lil summit summit, for that memorable show stopper.

I started the look with a base, MAC Painterly. I then went in with the NARS eyeshadow in Lunar (on a dampened flat brush with MAC Fix+) on the inner third of the eye. Then blended that into the centre of the lid with the NARS eyeshadow Chile. After that I went into the MAC eyeshadow in Amber Lights over the rest of the lid. I picked up a fluffy blending brush and with mix of MAC Wedge and Swiss Chocolate. Then I went in with a deep red from Inglot. For the lower lash line I grabbed a fluffier pencil brush and Swiss Chocolate and continued blend it further down. Then with a detailed pencil brush, applied the same deep red from Inglot. I applied lashes and mascara. I used the P.S. Full Look lashes. And then, for the fun part. I went a detailer brush and dampened it with Fix+ and Lunar and applied it on the inner corner and brow bone.

OMG it is so freaking stunning! I love this look so much! I want to wear it again and again, and I might just have to! Or variations of it!

Let me know what you think of the NARS eyeshadows. I have a couple more shades I want to try and then I’ll do a full review! I hope you liked this look! I love it so much!

Thanks for reading πŸ’›

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