FIRST IMPRESSION | I 💛 Revolution Chocolate Macaron Palette

This is my second instalment of the I 💛 Revolution palettes. This one is super pretty and is the Macaron Palette with a theme of neutral browns, bright blues and soft greens! So I wanted to create some looks with these eyeshadows to show you how well this eyeshadow palette performs!

I love the packaging. Like I said in the Violet Palette, I think it is sleek, super cute and I’m all over the colour combinations and how they correspond with the name and the eyeshadows inside! Very nice!

I do love the selection of colours you get from this palette. My favourites were Coconut, Dessert, Divine and Nom Nom. Coconut was the most gorgeous white with a green duochrome! It was an unexpected gem of this palette! Dessert is a gorgeous green gold! Divine was the nicest matte of the palette I found! Really saturated in bottle green goodness! And Nom Nom is a brighter “Sweet Treat” as I found Sweet Treat a little lack lustre! But Nom Nom *mwah* beautiful!

The light browns in this palette were very disappointing. Almonds and Chocolate were very patchy and fluffy, didn’t apply much pigment to the eye at all. However Baked with a love was a lot better! I do find with this palette there were a lot of duplicate shades which was slightly disappointing. Macarons are bright and colourful that maybe a pink or purple could have been added in replace of Sweet Treat at Dazzling as Nom Nom and Finishing Touch were lovely enough to not need those two shades!

I started the look with a wash of Baked with Love in my crease. I previously tried Almonds and Chocolate but they didn’t do much at all. But Baked with Love was a winner! So yes, light wash with a fluffy brush. I then applied Sweet Treat on the outer and inner thirds of the eyes. Again slightly disappointed with the pay off but then wen tin with Nom Nom and BAM that’s what I wanted! I then ran Nom Nom under the eye. Finally I applied Sugar Coated on the inner corner and centre of my lid! Then finished with mascara!

This was probably my favourite look, and will be the look that will make me reach for this palette! I started with Dessert all over the lid. And then went into Icing on the outer V and the lower lash line. I then went into Divine, and boy, I believe it’s namesake! It was divine! And blended this into my crease softly and concentrating most of it on the outer V. Then for the exciting bit, I went in with Coconut, the star of the show! It is a white with a greeny duochrome to it! And applied that on the brow bone and in the inner corner! Then applied mascara and I as good to go!

All in all, if you are looking for unique greens and a BAM blue, then I would purchase this palette. If you are looking for a palette with lots of variation with consistent buttery neutral mattes…I might keep looking! Not the best palette I’ve used from Revolution, but certainly not a dud!

I hope you enjoyed this honest review!

Thanks for reading 💛

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