What I Got For Christmas 2018

So I was very much spoilt rotten this Christmas. This picture isn’t even everything I’ve received! But these were the ones that packed a punch and tugged on my heart strings! For me, Christmas is about giving gifts and spending time with family. So when it is me on the receiving end, I get a little guilty and cringed out, just because I can’t believe someone has gone out of their way to buy me things! I feel like other people deserve it more! So was very stunned to get so many gorgeous presents!

Wild Feet Slippers – My gorgeous Auntie who lives all the way in Germany gives then most sweetest gifts! She always remembers, this time she remembered my favourite colour is yellow and bought me some corresponding slippers! With little puppies on them! I was so touched! And they are so soft inside! Currently wearing them while writing this blog post! Thank you Auntie Cazzie!

Eyelure Eyelashes – I remember mentioning to my friend I normally always wear Primark or eBay eyelashes. And she got me Posh ones! I was so stunned because I’ve never bought eyelashes that cost more than a couple of quid! And these are so whispy and feathery! Can’t wait to use them! Thank you Anna and Andrew!

Morphe 35B Palette – My dad outdid himself! He even made himself a LookFantastic account to purchase this for me! He’s such a sweetheart and he knew I wanted this palette, so bought it me….I’m so touched! Thank you dad!

Morphe 35M Palette – I asked my mum for this palette as the colour scheme of this palette is to die for! Mossy greens, grape purples and rich rusts! Can’t wait to play with it all of my eyes! Thank you Momma!

Sloth Necklace – I really am blessed to have the sweetest friends! They remembered my “mild” obsession with sloths and bought me a necklace! Look how cute he is just hanging there, chilling! So freaking cute! Thank you Anna and Andrew!

Morphe Y14 Brush – I didn’t have any small highlighter brushes, I mean, I love a potent highlight, but this means I can have more control over my highlight! And because my momma bought this palette on Black Friday, this brush was technically free! So thank you Momma!

Quentin Blake Charlie and the Chocolate Factory Mug Stack – I went to Whitehaven to see my sister and we went to a cute department store and I saw these! Turns out my sister went back when we left and bought these because she saw how much I loved them! Naughty because I know how much they were, and they weren’t cheap! Thank you Sausage!

The Tattoo Dictionary – I was so shocked that my sisters boyfriend bought me presents, let alone such thoughtful ones. If you don’t know, I’m a tattooist, so the fact he went out of his way to buy me something so considerate made me feel very weepy! This book explains all the meanings behind common tattoos people get! Both useful and entertaining!

Flamingo Head Scarf – If you know me, you know I rarely go about my day without a bandana on my head. And I both don’t have an aqua or flamingo one…so my friends bought me this and I was so touched! So thoughtful. Thank you Anna and Andrew!

Hunter Wellies – Right…this was massively unexpected. I have wanted a pair of yellow Hunter wellies for YEARS! And she went and got me some for Christmas…and I both nearly wet myself and cried a thousand tears! So so surprised! Thank you Sausage!

OITNB – I love this series, but haven’t watched the last two seasons, so mum surprised me and got me the whole 5 series so I can watch them and rewatch them as much as I like! So chuffed! Thanks momma!

So yes…spoilt rotten, and my boyfriend says he’s gotten me some things too, so I will be getting more over the next couple of days. Which makes me very guilty! But very touched too! Can’t believe how lucky I’ve been!

What did you guys get for a Christmas? Did Santa Treat you well?

Thanks for reading! 💛

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