Dancing To Glamour #7 | Rumba

The Rumba. A sensual, emotive dance about presenting how wonderful your woman is and how you want the world to see how magnificent she is! There are a lot of slow hip rotations and a lot of exaggerated lines being slowly produced with grace! I love this dance! And I wanted the makeup to be natural yet sultry, to go with this dance!

I started the look with priming my kids with my MAC Painterly Paint Pot. I then went in with a big all over lid brush and Makeup Geek Tiki Hut and blending it softly into the crease. To make the edges even smoother, I went in with a clean fluffy brush and blended all of the edges out. Then with a pencil brush I went in with Makeup a Geek Bada Bing and started smoking out the lower lash line. Then with the all over lid brush, I blended the remains of the shadow with Bada Bing to soften it. And then took the blank crease brush and a touch of Bada Bing and smoked it out further to give it this sultry feel. I went in with Inglot Shade 26 and highlighted my inner corner and brow bone. And then added some criss-cross eyelashes for a full sultry look! On the lower lash line I used a shader brush with Tiki Hut and smoked out the lower lash line. Finally I went into Bada Bing and smoked the lash lines out further. Then added mascara and the look is complete!

I hope you enjoyed this look! I loved making it, and it is fairly neutral for what I’ve done before! But I loved how effective was, and loved the eyelashes!

Thank you for reading 💛

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