Morphe 35B Palette Look #1

Its Boxing Day when I’m writing this. And I couldn’t resist playing with this baby the day after receiving this from my Dad for Christmas! He did good! The colour that intrigued me and spiked my interest was Fuchsia! So gorgeous! And I wanted to create a look surrounding that shade! So this is what I came up with!

I started this look applying a primer to my eyes. I used MAC Painterly Paint Pot. I then applied Pillow all over the lid and blended it into my crease to set the primer. Then with a fluffy crease brush I applied Fuchsia into the crease and feathering it out into nothing by blending with small circular motions. I then took my finger and applied Pixie into the centre part of my lid. Then with a small packing brush, applied Fuchsia into the outer and inner corners, blending it into Pixie. Then with a small detailer brush I applied Bikini to the inner corner and blending into the lower lash line. Finally I applied Beets Me to the outer corner of the lid and the lower lash line. And blended Fuchsia to soften the edges. Then with a bit of mascara, the look was complete!

I hope you enjoyed the first instalment of these palette looks! I couldn’t resist Fuchsia for my first look! It was too pretty not to touch!

Thank you for reading! 💛

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