Makeup Favourites of 2018

It’s probably one of the most fun blog posts to write because you are literally gagging about how amazing these products completely changed your whole meaning of life bla bla bla, I love them so much bla bla bla I could kiss them I love them so much! You know what I mean! Some of these products, were in my last yearly favourites! Others are brand new. Others are simply new shades of the same product! But I hope you enjoy reading which products I love and would 80% kiss, I love them so much!


Embryolisse Creme Concentre

This is the most hydrating makeup base I have ever used! My skin has been very dehydrated all year, either the harsh winds and running had caused my skin to chap or sweating through the heat has made it need oils to be replenished! But this seems to work under any foundation and moisturise my skin a dream. I just love it!


itCosmetics CC Cream (Fair)

The only down side to this foundation is the shade range being so limited and I can’t recommend it to you all you will have a hard time finding it. But my goodness, it is the most flawless full coverage foundation while still being lightweight and moisturiser feeling!


Revolution Conceal and Define (C2)

This is an incredible concealer. It covers a multitude of sins! Hell, if it could cover up anxiety I would bathe in it. I digress, this works under the eyes and gives you an illuminated look while still looking natural and creaseless, but it also covers blemishes like a photoshop tool! I love it!


I 💛 Revolution Dragon Heart

This is the most natural flush shade for me. Now you all know I like a heavy blush, but this just looks like my actual shade I flush to when I go running! It goes with my undertones while brightening my dullness! I can not recommend this high enough! It is just gorgeous!


NYX Blush Taupe

I don’t think this has changed for three years, I always use this! And it’s still going strong in the little quilted packaging, bless! It is enough grey to look like a natural carved cheekbone, but warm enough that it doesn’t make you look like a corpse. Buildable texture and I am yet to find one that betters this!


Jeffree Star Skin Frost (Dark Horse)

I wore this as my blush, contour and bronzer all throughout the summer to give me a healthy glow! So long as I had concealer, eyebrows and this on, I would happily go out! It is very dark so a little goes a long way, but it is to die for! A rich terracotta shimmery bronzer that eliminates any sick/sallowness to my skin. I have even hit pan on this baby now! And you know how massive these are!


Revolution Strobe Powders (Flash)

This genuinely looks like I have Aurora Borealis dancing upon my cheekbones! It has a gorgeous white base to it, which is pale enough to show up on my skin, but the sheen on this is something else! A minty green, lime, turquoise sparkle to it! And it was actually my sister who had a sample of this who introduced me to this and I’m obsessed!


Kiko Radiant Baked Fusion Powder (01)

This is the best powder I have ever used and have hit pan on it so much! It’s such a sad day when it happens but I have to repurchase it because it is just divine! It is a silky texture, doesn’t look too matte, keeps you lifted and illuminated, holds your makeup in place…need I say more? Just buy it!

Brow Combo

Anastasia Dipbrow Pomad (Taupe) and Obsession Brow Powder (Soft Brown)

Now I was so faithful to my Revolution pomade, I was, but I don’t know what happened…but it dried up SO quickly and became so unworkable! So I went back to my Anastasia one and it was gel like and creamy, and was older than my Revolution one. It just shows paying a little more will get you better products (SOMETIMES!!). The Obsession Brow Powder is the perfect grey based brown and I always went in with the darker tone and hit pan so quickly! It was soft, buttery, oh and £2! Well done Emily contradicting your previous statement *facepalm*.

Eye Base

MAC Paint Pot (Painterly and Soft Ochre)

I really got back into my MAC Paint Pots this year, specifically Painterly! I found my Maybelline ones again, dry out so quickly and become lumpy on my eyes! Whereas my MAC one swept on my eyes with ease! It is the perfect base for any eyeshadows to adhere to!

Eyeshadow Palette

Jeffree Star Blood Sugar Palette

This palette is Incredible! It has neutrals, it has brights, it was warmth! It is everything I was looking for in a palette and then BOOM it hit! And I knew I had to have it. The shades consist of buttery mattes, velvety shimmers and some BAM metallics! I have to stop myself from doing so many looks using this because I’m sure you’ll get sick of them! Ugh, it is just delicious!


Stila Glitter and Glow Liquid Eyeshadows

I had to create this category just because I need to mention these! They are simply stunning! They glide on the lid like liquid metal (duh the name). They dry, last on the lid and give dimension, sparkle and intensity to any look!

Single Eyeshadow

Makeup Geek Duo Chrome Eyeshadow Karma

This eyeshadow is how I imagine a forest fairy, crushed, would look. Jeesh, Emily, that was morbid, but you know what I mean! It is a tan based shade, with a warm red, duochrome green gold. I can’t even describe it, it’s just so pretty! I freaking love it!


Clinique Eyelining Pen

I got this in a gift set and wasn’t overly fussed. But holy moly! The blackest, sharpest eyeliner I have used! And it lasts all day! The nib is precise and bendable but stiff enough to provide stability!


L’Oreal Lash Paradise Mascara (Black Waterproof)

Another recommendation from my sister! This gives my lashes volume and length and added numbers of lashes even! It makes my lashes look polished and perfect and I certainly notice in a look when I don’t use this! Without a doubt the best mascara I have ever tried. Doesn’t budge but easy to remove with cleansing oil. Love it!


Jeffree Star Velour Liquid Lipsticks

Need I say more? I bloody love these babies! They are opaque, matte, comfortable, long wearing, vibrant. And they smell of root beer? I mean seriously, is this even possible! They are magic in their little bottles! I have quite the collection and love adding more! The fact these are eye safe certainly was a technique I used them this year and have loved using them as cut creases or liners! Love them!

So these are my favourites! What has been your stand out product this year?

Thank you so much for reading 💛

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