2017 Non Beauty Favourites

I’ve seen these for a while and I really liked these so thought I would include a few things I’ve loved this year that have made a big impact in my life! Things from food, films, music etc. So I hope you enjoy reading this!

2018 has been an odd year. I’ve had some insane highs. Spending time with best friends, meeting my boyfriend and developing our relationship, my sisters graduation and developing a love for cycling. But I’ve also had some extreme lows, like my endometriosis flaring up again. And needing another operation and new hormone treatments.

Drink – Root beer. My lovely boyfriend of mine has introduced me to a couple of brands of root beers you can get in the uk. I thought to myself, there is no way you can get a good British one! But how wrong I was. Virgil’s, you can get in Tescos. And holy moly. It is good stuff. And now whenever I got to his to stay, he always gets me one. Little love!

Food – Salsa! Oh my god, salsa and tortilla chips have been a massive favourite of mine! Particularly the one from Aldi! It is so good!

Film – The Greatest Showman. God damn that was the best film for AGES! It was so beautifully emotive and the songs were fantastic! To the point where when my pain was horrific one night, my boyfriend got out of bed, put something in the DVD player. And wrapped me up in a blanket. It was the only thing he could think of that would help. And it did. This film has healing powers!!

Book– The Diary of Frida Kahlo! My friend bought me for my birthday! It was so breathtaking! Her life was so tragic but beautiful! I love her so much.

TV Show – Making a Murderer! Me and my boss were obsessed with these, we even call it MAM, for short and the first thing we say when we came into work was MAM! And would talk about what we thought! We were obsessed!

Album – The Greatest Showman soundtrack! It is so uplifting and beautiful! I have also loved the new Imagine Dragons album! But the name escapes me!

Song – Diamond Eyes by Shinedown! I’ve had it on repeat and still absolutely love it! My boyfriend and I will often be singing and dancing to this!

Place I’ve Visited – Edinburgh. My sister and I took our mum for her birthday and it was amazing! Christmas markets, beautiful architecture and lush food!

Sport – Cycling. I’ve fallen in love with it! Can’t do it at the minute due to my endometriosis but I’m really missing it! It was so much fun, I cycled 18 miles as my longest!

Clothing Brand – I’ve fallen in love with Lindy Bop. They have the most gorgeous 1950s dresses for ladies with good birthing hips (ironic due to my current fertility). But they are so flattering! And stretchy fabric!! What more could you want!

Shoes – Do I really need to say it? DOC MARTENS! I’m obsessed, and have probably 8 pairs now! They are so cute, grungy but can be super feminine too! I love them!

I hope you enjoyed reading this! I certainly enjoyed writing it! What has been your MOST favourite non beauty item?

Thank you for reading💛

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