Morphe 35M “Boss Mood” Palette #1

I got this off my Momma for Christmas and wanted to play with it the minute I saw it but restrained myself until Boxing Day! And I was enticed by the chartreuse shades! So really wanted to play with them, so I came up with this look! And not gonna lie, I want to wear it every minute of every day! I’m in love!

I started this look with a primer. This time I used MAC Soft Ochre Paint Pot. I started by going in with my finger and Popstar. I found the metallic shades worked better with my finger as they were quite chunky. And adhered better to the lid with the warmth of my finger! Kind of like a Cream! I then went in with a fluffy crease brush and Hello Sunshine. Blend blend blend. Then with a flatter crease brush, I went in with Nude Tude and applied this into the deeper crease! And then blended with Hello Sunshine again to soften the look! I then went into the lower lash line with Green With Envy and blended it under the lower lashes as well. Then with the fluffy crease brush I blended Hello Sunshine over Green With Envy shade to smooth everything out. I then applied mascara and the look was complete!

I hope you enjoyed this look! I love these sorts of colours. You know, the gross pukey colours….but I find them so flattering!

Thank you for reading 💛

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