FULL REVIEW | NYX Duo Chromatic Lip Gloss

I saw these when I was in Birmingham last, and thought they looked amazing! I was so curious and love anything duo-chrome so needless to say, I was more than just tempted! I bought them. And I’m not gonna lie, I am glad I did as I have nothing like this in maps makeup collection, so now I have them, and I feel like I need that exciting lip topper, I have these bad boys!

The shades I got were –

Fairplay – Bronze with pink shift.

Booming – Pink with green/gold shift.

Crushing It – Clear iridescent with lilac/blue shift.

Day Club – Blue with pink/peach shift.

NYX totally understands what we look for in new releases. And right now we want holographic and duochrome. And we want unique combinations never seen before! And they did it. They freaking did it! And I am so thankful because I have been looking for a product like this for so long! It’s edgy p, it’s fresh and it’s what we are all looking for!

I love the packaging, very travel friendly, nice and light and I like how you can see how much you have left, unlike the butter glosses as they have an opaque tin. My mum was most disappointed when she didn’t realise her last time using it was previous…and she wasn’t mentally prepared! Poor dear. I really like the shade range too. They have everything from neutrals, to semi bold to BAM LETS PUT FREAKING BLUE ON OUR LIPS! I love it, it caters for everyone!

The formula of these are wonderful, and are everything I look for in a gloss. But of tack to it, not “non sticky” by any means. It feels moisturising for my lips! So pairing it with a drying matte lip would make them more comfortable! The colour is very opaque, so if you’re going for an out there colour, it’s gonna show up! So you go for the green…yo gonna have green lips! But you rock it girl, it’s gorgeous! You do you! They are fairly long wearing, the tackiness leaves, but you are still left with a subtle shimmer to your lips. So the main colour of the gloss goes, but the duochrome stays put. Looks very effective!

Although I will say, do the lipstick trick. As in the whole *not meant to be seductive at all* stick your finger in your mouth and pull it out. It takes the excess product off your lips so it doesn’t go goopy! What!? It’s a thing! But don’t do it in public, it can look a bit dodgy.

So now I’m going to go through the shades and explain what I like about them and which products I have worn with them and enjoyed pairing with the lipgloss! You know, cohesion and everything!

Fairplay – NARS Eyeshadow Chile goes SO well with this! But in general, a fabulous eye look to go with this would be a deep burgundy or bronze smokey eye! A great lipstick to wear under this is Jeffree Star Liquid Lipstick in Leo! It’s lovely!

Day Club – I really think this is such a unique colour. But I think MAC Expensive pink all over the lid, and then a Jeffree Star Liquid Lipstick in Skin Tight or Birthday Suit is super pretty with this! The blue in this might even make your teeth appear more white! Which is always a winner!

Crushing It – This is probably the most desired shade in what us holographic everything lovers would want. It is very unicorn/mermaid themed, if that trend is still going on! It does make your lips look lighter so I think wearing this over a darker lip might look better. I really want to try this with Gerard Cosmetics Metallic Liquid Lip in Underworld to make it a super amazing dimensional lip! But with a super nude, camel eyelid!

Booming – Freaking hell. If I had to have a favourite shade, this would be it. It also shifts to a green, which I am all about. It makes me want to highlight my cheeks in Money Honey with MAC lipstick in Brave! It’s so beautiful. I can’t even talk about it makes me mildly emotional LOOK AT IT!

I hope you enjoyed this review! I loved writing about these, they are so gorgeous! I would recommend them highly. They are so comfortable!

Thank you for reading ๐Ÿ’›

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