FULL REVIEW | Jessup Makeup Brushes

I had heard of these brushes from a couple of blogs and was browsing and saw them on amazon for £11! Which was an absolute bargain! Considering I sometimes buy singular brushes for that! So was very impressed to get some, from first impression, beautiful brushes for that cheap! So needless to say, I purchased!

The quality of these very much resemble Zoeva brushes, even the names are similar! My favourite of the whole brushes was the Brow Liner! I prefer it even more than my Zoeva one! I is just that little bit shorter and a little bit more flexible, which gets me my perfect brow easily! They are a mix of natural and synthetic hair! So if you are against natural hair brushes, then I would recommend them to not be used. I actually find natural hair brushes hold the pigment a lot better and blend better. And synthetic brushes dry a lot quicker when cleaning them. So I like both! I have no preference, as they both get the job done. I’m now going to go through all of the brushes and explain what I liked about them!

322 – Brow Liner – I really love this brush, like I said. It just works solidly for eyebrows! Collects the pigment beautifully and creates gorgeous sharp lines! Love love love!

222 – Luxe All Over Shader – I love this brush to be used when I am setting my primer or applying a bright white eyeshadow to blend all of my other shadows together.

226 – Smudger – This Brush is fairly densely packed so can smudge your lower lash line perfectly but I prefer to use it for packing on shadows on my lid! Really nice brush!

221 – Luxe Soft Crease – I am obsessed with this brush. I have quite a deep crease and hooded eyes so I need a long brush to get into my crease. This does just that but without loosing control.

230 – Luxe Pencil – This is a slightly less dense dupe of the MAC 219! Which (ahem) I actually prefer! The fact it is less dense makes it easier to work with and is smudges the lower lash line beautifully!

142 – Concealer Buffer – This is the perfect brush for under eye concealing! It also is great to use when priming your eyes! It kind of mimicked the Zoeva Face Shape Brush just about half the size!

231 – Luxe Petit Crease – I mainly use this brush brush to smoke out the outer crease and add any darker shades to the crease. It is quite precise for a fluffy brush, as it is tapered.

317 – Wing Liner – Again, it is a dupe for the Zoeva brush! Even has the same name! It is just that little bit longer in the bristles so has a little more mobility, which I enjoy!

237 – Detail Shader – I love this brush for the lower lash line, just applying an initial blown out base. I also love lining my upper my lash line and then using this brush to smudge it out!

233 – Cream Shader – This is a great brush for applying, for example, a MAC Paintpot. Big question, is it okay to cut a crease? I think it is a bit thick for that, and simply not precise enough!

223 – Petit Eye Blender – This brush is fantastic for blending, as the name would suggest, any smaller areas like lash lines but also really nice precise crease blending!

227 – Luxe Soft Definer – This, to me, is the perfect crease brush. It would get those transition shades nice and soft but can also build up intensity and blend thoroughly!

312 – Detail Liner – The best angled brush for lining my lash line with eyeshadow or eyeliner! It is just fantastic! Nice and precise and can do the perfect wing!

228 – Luxe Crease – What a beautiful Crease brush. It is more tapered than the soft definer so really gets into the crease and feathers the blend out beautifully!

234 – Luxe Smoky Shader – Another fantastic packing brush! Not quite as stiff as some backing brushes, but that’s nice as it can double as a smudger too! Very versatile!

Only time I found the difference between the synthetic and real hair was when I was washing them. The natural hair ones took a lot longer to dry, but like I said, perform exceptionally well with blending and pigmentation! The synthetic ones are very quick at drying, and very buildable with the pigment. So for example, if you are going in with a black eyeshadow that could make or break a look…use the synthetic one! I promise you, it’ll be a lot less scary! And the mistakes are a lot less visible!

These brushes all are amazing, and I think for the price, it is an absolute steal! I mean I love my Zoeva brushes, don’t get me wrong! But I really feel like why do you need to spend that much money when you can get these ALL for the price. I was looking at purchasing a second Brow Line brush from Zoeva but now, for a couple of quid more than the Zoeva brush, I got 14 extra brushes! How can you not be overjoyed!

I urge all of you makeup brush addicts, like me, to buy a set of these! As you will not regret it. The brushes are sublime!

Have you tried anything from Jessup before, these are my first, and I’ll certainly look at buying more!!

Thank you for reading!

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