COLLECTION REVIEW | Zoeva Premiere Collection

(Typical, the hardest you work on a blog post, and bullet points decide to ruin it!!! Apologies if this is really frustrating to read…I’ve tried everything to remove them!)

  • Ooooo this makes me tingle! I love a good collection. Especially when it is as pretty as these! So the Premiere Collection by Zoeva has been discovered by me fully. I had th a blush palette but didn’t realise they had more products! SO felt the need to purchase. And I mean, the full collection. So I could fully review this for you so you can see whether it is worth purchasing or not!
  • To me it has a 1920s vibe to it, but in a sort of gothic Panic! At The Disco kinda way. The packaging is very sleek. Only down side is the palettes do not have mirrors. However, I always carry a mirror with me, so to me, it doesn’t really matter. It has a matte navy blue theme with gold accents. For chic! Almost Great Gatsby esque! I am a fan!
  • The products of this collection are as followed:
  • Premiere Eyeshadow Palette – £18 (10 shades – 4 matte, 5 shimmer and 1 duochrome)
  • Premiere Blush Palette – £13 (3 shade – 1 matte, 2 shimmer)
  • Premiere Lip Crayon – £10 each (3 shades – 2 matte, 1 sparkle)
  • Premiere Petit Face Finish Brush – £13
  • Premiere Luxe Powder Fusion – £10
  • Premiere Luxe Crease – £9
  • The Eyeshadow Palette
  • I loved the richness of these shades! How they are neutrals but they are colours at the same time. These are my favourite kind of shades to wear! And I find them the most flattering on my colouring and eyes! The matte shades are super buttery and blend a dream! Very pigmented but also buildable! The shimmery shades too are pigmented. But are best applied with your finger. This is because the brush gets coated but as the pigment adheres to the brush, they don’t transfer on the eyelid as vividly. Whereas pressing the pigment onto the lid really works! And gives it such a gorgeous sheen! These shades do kick up a little dust but this is just because they are so rich, creamy and pigmented shades. I don’t mind this, as I’m going to use my finger anyway, so I’m not going to be losing some of my product on a brush. The shades are worth the extra effort, they are divine! And once on the lid, they blend beautifully and work so well together harmoniously.
  • My favourite shades from this palette are Fourth Wall, Greatest Era, The Show Is Over and Say Goodbye. Fourth Wall is the perfect plummy nude for a transition shade with most of these colours. I found I reached for it so much as it blends a dream! Greatest Era is the most gorgeous burnt red. It packs a punch but also softens to almost nothing! It is perfection! The Show Is Over is a gorgeous antique gold with almost an olive tinge to it! It’s so flattering on my eye colour! And blends like a cream eyeshadow! It’s stunning! Finally Say Goodbye is a beautiful dupe for MAC Club, you know, the red brown with a turquoise shift! But it is the crumbliest shade due to all the glitter. But it doesn’t stop me from calling it a favourite as the lay off you get when blending it on your eye with your finger is so lush!
  • The following looks are all used with this palette, and this palette only! You can see how pigmented the shadows are and how cohesive the palette is! They work so well together and it versatile enough to take on holiday with you, and not wear the same look! I love it!
  • Eyeshadows Used – Melodious Singer, Fourth Wall, Lost Footage
  • Eyeshadows Used – Melodious Singer, Fourth Wall, Say Goodbye, Greatest Era
  • Eyeshadows Used – Melodious Singer, Magisterial Vibrato, The Show Is Over, Theatrical Mise En Scene
  • Eyeshadows Used – Melodious Singer, Magisterial Vibrato, Devoted To The Art
  • Eyeshadows Used – Melodious Singer, Fourth Wall, Artistic Ethic
  • The Blush Palette
  • The blush palette was the first thing that I bought from this collection, and as you can tell from the picture, it is very well loved! I just loved how rich the tones were and thought it was perfect for autumn and winter. They palette has two shimmery shades and one matte. The shimmery shades are a lot grittier in texture but softer! But not on a horrid way! More in a “I have lots of pearlescent goodness that needs to crumble together to make me super pretty” kind of way. Fame and a Fortune is a gorgeous Plum with almost a baby pink/blue reflect to it. However this reflect doesn’t really show up on the skin! However the pigment of the plum shade doesn’t really need it as it is a lovely berry tone, with a nice sheen to it to give you a more “lit from within” flush! 1929, as you can tell, is. Person favourite of mine. It is just the right depth to make it a blush for my porcelain skin, but on a deeper skin, it would make a gorgeous highlight! And when you move your face side to side, it glows a gorgeous champagne gold making it super illuminating! The matte shade Curtain Call is harder in texture, but it doesn’t compromise the pigment! It is a very natural “just ran 5 miles” flush! But can be built up to a stunning brick red blush too, for when you want more impact!
  • These blushes are exceptionally buildable so I think they would be perfect for beginners who are learning to see how much blush suits them. I love very heavy blush, and would actually prefer to contour my cheekbones for blush. I know it’s out to everyone’s taste, but I just prefer my blush to look this way. Not everyone ones that look, and they would rather a wash on the apples of their cheeks, but as these shades are less buttery and slightly harder, they can be quite sheer to start off with, perfect for people not wanting to over do it! However can be built up to a satisfactory level for people like me who want to look like they are permanently in a menopausal hot flush yet chiselled. Like I said, not everyone’s taste, but I like it!
  • Left to Right – Fame and Fortune, 1929, Curtain Call
  • The Lip Crayons
  • As you know, I’m not normally a lipstick lip crayon kind of gal. I am all for my liquid lipsticks. But these guys are matte, which means I’m already more likely to wear them! And the shades were so versatile that I thought these babies may get me back into loving lipsticks and crayons again! The shades are Acoustic Feeling (a dusty pink), Extreme Costumes (a berry red) and Theatrical Extravaganza (a sparkly orange). The texture of these are so lightweight and comfortable. But with no stick or tack to them so they are very much a matte finish. But like I said, comfortable. They can smear when you rub your fingers over them but they do also stain your lips slightly, which means they will wear more evenly!
  • Acoustic Feeling – I ended up giving this to my mother as I wore it and it was literally the perfect colour for her, so I felt bad keeping it when I knew how gorgeous it would look on her! And she wore it…and I was right, it looked gorgeous! It is a warm pink/peach nude!
  • Theatrical Extravaganza – A gorgeous matte orange, with a bit of something special; gold glitter! Which transfers subtly on the lips, but in the light looks absolutely stunning!
  • Extreme Costumes – A deep berry red which is flattering for most skin tones due to its blue tones nature, meaning it will be very good for your teeth looking whiter! It is a creamy matte, that could smear, but due to its matte texture, will adhere to the lips a lot better so wouldn’t be unbearably slippy!
  • Top to Bottom – Acoustic Feeling, Theatrical Extravaganza, Extreme Costumes
  • I’m not normally a fan of lip crayons as they can get quite messy, but these are really lovely! The matte finish really makes these something else! And the shades are unique colours of the nude, orange and red tones! I really really love them! They have changed my opinion on lip crayons!
  • The Brushes
  • Goodness me these feel so Luxe! A matte navy handle and the softest bristles you could imagine. I always compare brushes to my guinea pigs nose for softness. And sorry Paloma…but these are softer than your little nose! The Luxe Crease brush are quite possibly my favourite eye brush from Zoeva due to its rounded shape making it so easy for shadows to blend! The Luxe Powder Fusion brush is the first brush of that kind that I have purchased but, oh my goodness, it is a perfect highlighting brush! Seriously magical! It really is the perfect size, shape and taper to give you a lovely highlight! The Petit Face Finish brush has a flatter width making it perfect if you wanted to create a sharper edge if you were blending contour or blush! It is also a lovely brush for setting powder! For pressing the powder into your face!
  • The quality of these brushes are fantastic, like all of the Zoeva brushes I have tried. And the finish of these brushes make them so special! I love the matte navy with Rose good details! And the little Premiere logo! It makes it very remarkable distinction of the Zoeva Premiere Collection. And the softness of the hairs are so beautiful! Makes applying makeup feel therapeutic and comforting! I love these brushes!
  • I hope you enjoyed this collection review, I really want to do more of these! Let me know what you think! I have a couple of collections I’m building up, so keep a look out!
  • Thank you for reading! 💛
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