Product Wars | Cover FX Custom Enhancer Drops vs Revolution Liquid Highlighter

Other than Benefit High Beam back in the day, I hadn’t delved into the world of liquid highlighters! But they have gone mad in the makeup world since the Cover FX Custom Enhancer Drops…which I got a sample from a Cult Beauty free gift! And my beautiful friend bought me the Revolution Liquid Highlighter for Christmas! And I’ve been dying to try them! So I was very excited to compare them both!

The packaging of these is very similar. Obviously one is ickle and the other is regular sized. But they both have a glass bottle. It’s have a pipettes. Both have a shiny lid. Both are the same freaking colour. So I had to do a comparison!!!

The texture of these on the back of my hand were similar bit with a couple differences. Firstly, the Revolution had a little bit more colour to it, a bronze pink to be exact. Whereas the Custom FX ones has more translucency to it. Personally I like the colour of the Revolution as I love a bit of blush (understatement of the year) and think that would look super pretty to blend from blush to highlight. But it isn’t so obvious that it doesn’t lift your skin. The other difference was the cover FX was slightly thicker in texture, but more moussey. Like a slightly whipped texture, whereas the Revolution is definitely a liquid liquid!

I normally always apply liquid highlighters with a duofibre brush, so this time used my Real Techniques Stippling Brushes, one on each cheek. Just so I could get a true comparison of them!

As you can see they are very very similar! TheCover FX is definitely more blinding! and has a little more of a cooler icy sheen. You can certainly see why it is called Moonlit! As it’s very much like the moon is bouncing off my cheeks! It wasn’t chunky looking at all, but I did think it wasn’t the most natural glow, depends which you prefer! The Revolution one is actually very surprising. It looks cleaner in some way. Like the shimmer was even finer in pigment. And it was a lot more natural but buildable looking. I applied both sides with one drop on the high points of my face, and then a second drop just on the tops of my cheek bones.

All in all…not gonna lie…I prefer the Revolution one! The micro glitter is so so so fine and gives a lot more dimension to the cheek bones rather than a simple BAM IN YOUR FACE highlight. I even asked my mum which side she thought was more expensive and she picked the Revolution side!! And I agree with her! It genuinely makes you look healthy and radiant rather than piled with makeup, which some low priced makeup do. They pack the pigment but really doesn’t look realistic on the face!

I hope you enjoyed this post! Let me know which one you prefer!

Thank you so much for reading!!

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