FULL REVIEW | Stila Stay All Day Liquid Lipstick + SWATCHES

I was very lucky that three of these were part of a free gift, but I was so intrigued by the formula and I am a lover of liquid lipsticks anyway that I thought I’d purchase a more wearable set to see how they all compare! And even that set was b sale, so again, these sales are working magic for me!

The first thing I must comment on them is the packaging. How sleek and stunning it is. An icy gold lid that contrasts with the rich warm gold band and gold writing on the tube. Really luxe but only over the top! Makes it worthy of the price! Some brands go really over the top and makes it look tacky! Stila, you kept it simple, and I love it!

I like to think I certainly got some varied shades!! So now I’m going to go through the formula, and take the shades step by step and and discuss what I liked about it and what I would wear with it!

The shades I got were Beso, Illuminaire, Lume, Patina, Viola, Miele. I loved that I got a mix of bold and nudes so I could give an accurate description on how cohesive formula is depending on the shades.-

The formula did change. The shimmery shades (Miele, Illuminaire) and the red (Beso) were a lot thinner in texture. Probably due to the pigmentation being so strong so very little extra thickness was needed to help the formula. Lume, Patina and Viola were a bit thicker in texture, but not in a bad way. It just coated the lips with a little more. All shades were very comfortable to wear and lasted relatively well. I wore the shade Illuminaire to the Tattoo Studios Christmas Meal which was a curry and sadly it didn’t last particularly once I started munching. But through drinking and talking it lasted okay. Didn’t help that my curry was a little oily so was removing the pigment like a makeup remover!

The only thing I was slightly unsure about was the smell. It is a very sweet smell, kind of vanilla buttercream. But has an undertone to it that I’m unsure if I like. Kind of like the cream cheese you get with red velvet or carrot cake. Which is nice to eat, but for me the smell is a little bit too intense and sickly. However once the formula dries the smell goes.

Viola is a shade that is unique and extremely striking! A pale but bold lip. I was a little apprehensive but it is actually a dark enough lilac to get away with. It can wash me out if I don’t wear something on my cheeks and I would recommend going in with a deeper lip liner for a little bit of definition which will make it more wearable! I didn’t for this picture and I think it would look better with one. I like wearing this with a Taupe smokey eye, like MAC Satin Taupe all over the lid and Breath of Plum blush on the cheeks. Or I like wearing it with a flick of eyeliner and make that the statement, but will at least wear contour or bronzer to warm my complexion up a little! Just to balance everything in!

Illuminaire is a lush brown nude with a metallic finish! I don’t normally like a metallic lip but this looks more shimmery and creamy looking over metallic, so does give the finish of a creamy lipstick instead of a metallic sheen. The flicks of glitter are so teeny and really gives a gorgeous dimension to the lips. You can literally wear any look with this, but personally I prefer a matte look, so the main shimmery focus is the lips. I think a warm amber smokey eye and a hint of blush (hint? You know I wear a lot of blush!). I think it is so flattering with this lip. I would recommend Makeup Geek Chickadee and Cocoa Bear with this lip!

Miel (French for Honey which I think is an adorable name) is the same metallic consistency as Illuminaire. This shade is just a touch more rosy pink! Which I think is super flattering! It is actually the colour of my lips, just a bit richer and shimmery so I find it matches my complexion very well, making me look more “me” if that makes sense! The microshimmers are the same as Illuminaire too, giving it that gorgeous dimension! I think any eye look would go well with this! I would go with NARS Ecstasy Hardwired Eyeshadow as a pop in the inner corner and then a neutral matte eyeshadow look. And a rosy blush, like Flomar Pink Bronze!

Patina is a gorgeous pink nude! Super classic looking, and reminds me of an Audrey Hepburn shade! Beautiful creamy consistency and it dries down matte. Very comfortable on the lips. You could literally wear this shade with anything, but in true Hepburn style, I would wear it with black liner, flicked up. And a black waterline. Then with a nice chiseled contour. But you could also wear it with a deep black smokey eye, like a MAC Blacktied and a bit of Sumptuous Olive in the inner corner to grunge it up a bit! And then the lip will give it that pretty edge. Kind of like when you wear Doc Martens with a frilly dress!

Lume is a rich mulberry shade that is super gorgeous for the autumn when you want a deep pink lip! It isn’t bright neon pink which makes it more wearable and flattering on more skin tones! It dries down matte and feels really nice on the lips! I would wear this with a cranberry eye look, to create a cohesive look. For example MAC Cranberry mixed with Make Up Geek Cherry Cola smoked around the lash lines! Then with MAC Breath if Plum on the cheeks and Show Gold on the high points of my face.

Beso is the perfect red for me in my opinion. I have yellow undertones to my skin, so I need a more yellow based red to suit my skin tone. So I absolutely love this lip! It is a matte finish but a very comfortable matte; not too drying at all. Which is great for a red as it won’t budge but also won’t crack and make your lips look crusty! It wears pretty well too, as I wore this out to one of my few outings while I was unwell, and when it faded, it did fade very evenly, so gives you a more of an ombré look, making it look more natural. I would wear this red with a smokey eye, to make it look very 50s pin up! Be that a grey smokey eye, or a coffee smokey eye, I think either would look fantastic with this lip! MAC Copper Plate or Make Up Geek Frappe would be my ideal shades for those looks!

I hope you enjoyed this post! Let me know what you think of these liquid lipsticks, and if you have any recommended shades, as I love the formula!

Thank you so much for reading! 💛

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