Morphe 35M “Boss Mood” Palette #2

After doing some super pretty girly looks for my blog…I wanted to do something really artsy and grungy; my favourite kind of makeup! And was so inspired by the shade Transformer and wanted it to be suuuper dark and smokey!

I started the look with a Paint Pot from MAC; Painterly was the one I chose! I then went straight into Transformer and blended that into the outer half of the eye and softly swirled the brush in circular motions to get a lovely smooth blend! And continued to blend until it went into the crease and outer half of the eye. I then applied it under the eye too and got a clean blending brush to blend the edges around the eye. I then grabbed Power Slayer to blend the edges further. And then grabbed Sweet Beets to do exactly the same! Then for a bit of sparkle I applied Color Persona with my finger in the inner portion of my eye and blended it into Transformer. And I then applied it in the inner corner. And finally applied mascara and the look was complete!

I hope you enjoyed this look. If you want to see more grungy looks, so let me know as I love doing them! Or if you’d rather have polished and precise looks, let me know too!

Thank you so much for reading! 💛

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