Full Review | NYX Total Control Foundation (Pale)

This foundation excited me! It excited me so much. First of all it has a pipettes. Imma have so much fun with that! Is that sad? Don’t answer that! One thing I liked was was that there were yellow undertones in the paler shades! Which is rare, they are either orange or pink! And the shade range was fairly decent!

Packaging. As much as I liked the pipette idea, in use it gets difficult. And very messy. And travelling with it is a no no! I learnt that the hard way! Moment of silence for my holographic makeup bag that I had for all of one week… I also found it a little frustrating that you get less than half of the standard foundation volume. 13ml, instead of 30ml. Come on NYX. And not less of a price tag? Hmmm…come on NYX! However, I’ll give them the benefit of the doubt, it is pigmented, and very liquidy and a little goes a long way! However I know other foundations with great coverage that still supply us with the average 30mls!

It was lovely to apply, and felt lovely on the skin; very lightweight! It also was the perfect winter shade for me, and I finally matched my neck and chest (my face normally is a lot pinker). Extremely comfortable on the skin! However things became a little bit down hill from there.

Now, I have relatively normal skin! But it is on the dry side. But thankfully moisturising, masks, and a good, hydrating skin care routine. I have alright skin! When I applied this I died. The coverage was insane, yet it was so lightweight! I loved it! Then things started to get iffy. Specifically, crusty. I looked closely, and it made my skin look so crepey! Crusty. Textured. Flakey. Good LORD, take a look at this! Macro picture! Zooooooom!

Damn! I promise you my skin doesn’t normally look that bad. My nose is not that dry, my lips are not currently chapped but oh my goodness, I couldn’t get over it. And it just got worse over the day. So drying yet it creases! How is that possible! Ugh, I persevered but I genuinely just wanted to scrub my face off, it was so ugly looking!

All in all, I really didn’t like this foundation. It made me look awful, even if it felt nice to begin with! Would not recommend if you have dry skin! Or struggle from dry patches! Not worth it! Save your money!

Hope you enjoyed this review! Let me know if you’ve tried this foundation! And if it worked for you! I’d love to know!

Thanks for reading! 💛

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