Haul | Boots – Pixi, NYX, Collection

So my friend Anna is one of the main reasons why I have a makeup addiction. I buy things that I like, and then she tells me more things I need to try, so I fall in love with them and then we share more products and it is this never ending cycle of spending way to much money. But it’s good fun! And makes me happy!

We went to Telford together and went into Boots and she told me about these eyeliners that are incredible! And were under £4! And then I knew I wanted to get a new moisturiser…and then they had some good offers on…and anyway, I had a little treat!

NYX Candy Slick Lipglosses – I saw the stand of these in Boots and was intrigued mainly with the browny shade S’mores Please. And then the nude shade intrigued me too as I have nothing like this in my collection. I really want to do a review on these…so accidentally made another Boots order…and ordered another one!

Rose Ceramide Cream – I treated myself! I have been dying to try this as it is described as an intense moisturiser which I neeeeed! My skin has been so dry and tight feeling so I thought I would take the plunge and purchase it! I tried it last night…and stay tuned for my first impression 😉.

Collection Glam Crystals Eyeliners – Anna said that these were incredible…and for being £2.99 I had to try them! And I love glitter, so knew these were going to be a hit for me! I used to love girls that wore the teal eyeliner…but my mum would never let me wear it! So I feel like my inner 12 year old is loving life, now that I own one!

Thank you so much for reading! I’ll deffo do a haul on the other things I ordered…but that won’t be until next week!

✨ Thank you so much for reading ✨

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