FULL REVIEW | Zoeva Love Is A Story Palette

I bought this palette from Cult Beauty during their January Sales and I thought it would be fantastic to do a load of looks and a full review of the stunning colour range this palette has to offer. It is very romantic and serene looking! Almost the kind of eyeshadows you could imagine a Disney Princess would wear!

I love the packaging, it feels lovely quality and very travel friendly! Only down side to the palette is no mirror, but I always carry a little mirror with me so it isn’t a problem for me! And the cute quote was very much appreciated for the hopeless romantic in me! The palette has 4 mattes and 6 shimmers! But the mattes are very versatile shades so can be worn with the other shimmers to create more looks!

The shade ranges from a beautiful China shade to a mauvey lavender to a bright teal! With everything in between! There is a good range of shimmers and mattes, and neutrals and colours. A perfect all rounder palette for someone who love to experiment with makeup but also have some go to looks that are quick and simple. But maybe with a pop!

The formula of these eyeshadows are interesting. In comparison to the Premiere Palette, they do apply well with a brush and are a lot less chunky. But the shimmers are a smoother consistency and blend very seamlessly, especially the shade Man With A Plan and Little Kiss. The mattes are thinner in texture but still have pigment, but they aren’t quite as buttery as the Premiere Palette! However they still pack a punch.

The only shade I had difficulty with, but also love at the same time is Past a Romance. It’s not a shimmer…it’s a matte, but with glitter, giving it a shimmery appearance. The colour is to die for! But I found it really exaggerated the texture on my eyes and didn’t blend particularly well and was patchy. I’m unsure why. Maybe I got a bad one. But it requires a lot more effort and lots of blending to make it work! But it is SUCH a pretty colour, I MAKE it work!

Past Romance, Old Fashioned, Affair
Film Star, Over You, Little Kiss, Flirt
Film Star, Man With A Plan, Over You, Ladylike, Mystery Date
Film Star, Over You, Little Kiss, Flirt, Man With A Plan
Affair, Ladylike, Mystery Date, Fast Romance, Old Fashioned

As you can see this palette is very versatile! You can create bold, editorial looking looks, but can wear the most natural “barely there” makeup too. And everything in between. You get a mix of warm shades and cool shades! Colour and natural. Shimmer and matte! So all in all I think this is a great palette and would highly recommend this! Much better consistency from Zoeva! Smooth mattes and densely pigmented shimmers! So pretty!

I hope you enjoyed this palette review! Really enjoyed playing with this palette! It’s so pretty! What is your favourite Zoeva palette?

Thank you so much for reading! ๐Ÿ’›

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