What I Got For My Birthday | 2019

So my sister and I turned 23 a week ago! We are identical twins. And I was spoilt rotten by my loved ones!! They know me so well, and I was so touched that they did that for me! So thank you everyone that got me a something. And thank you to everyone that wished me happy birthday! It was very much appreciated!

I thought I would show you guys the things that I got! Bit of makeup, a couple of books and some other gems too! So let’s get onto them!

Cards Against Muggles – My best friends, Anna and Andrew, know me SO WELL. I have a filthy and dark sense of humour and love Harry Potter! So this was ideal for me! I actually played it today, the Sunday, with my boyfriend, sister and her boyfriend. And it was absolutely disgustingly hilarious! So much fun!

Pablo – I’ve been collecting books, specifically artist based comic books. And my boyfriend bought me the next in the series. An illustration all about Picasso’s life! I can’t sit to read this!

Frida Making Her Self Up – My boyfriend and I were going to go to this exhibition in London. We travelled, got there, and they were sold out. Completely gutted. I told my sister angrily. And she bought me this for my birthday. The book about the exhibition I missed. Safe to say I cried! I couldn’t believe her thoughtfulness!

Vans Checkerboard Old School Slip Ons – I have wanted a pair of these since I was 13 (thanks to The Sims 2). So my mum asked me if I wanted these for my birthday and as they were on sale, I couldn’t resist!

Bh Cosmetics Duo Light Highlighting Palette – I have wanted this for ages. And my sister bought it for me! So I lost my shit! She knows how much I love duochrome makeup and highlighters. So the two together. I was so excited!

Jeffree Star Velour Liquid Lipstick (Doll Parts) – I made a comment about this shade being on my list of purchases and now it is no longer on my list. Because I own it. She was so naughty! I couldn’t believe it! I can’t wait to do a side by side review with another product I accidentally bought!

Zoeva Offline Brush Set – By this point I was ready to shout at my sister as she had already spent so much! And this isn’t cheap! So I was so shocked, as she knows I’m doing collection reviews and I’ve bought the corresponding palette and blush set! I was cross…but so so so grateful!


A Date Day/Night Paid For By My Colleagues – my colleagues pooled together to put some money in an envelope so my boyfriend and I could spend a day or night doing something fun and interesting! I was so so so touched that they wanted to do that for us! As they know we don’t live in the same town, so our travel costs can be expensive. So I’ll be using this on a meal or experience that we can enjoy together 😍😍

Thank you so much everyone who sent me a card, wished me happy birthday and are simply reading this post! I hope you enjoyed this post! I was so spoilt!

Thank you for reading!

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