First Impression | Mario Badescu Drying Lotion

This is supposed to be magic in a bottle! I have heard many recommendations about this bad boy for the kind of skin that gets blemishes occasionally…but they are beasty ones! That describes my skin perfectly. I have predominantly dry skin, but when it is “time of the month” I break out in a few blemishes. But have mainly clear skin! But when those blemishes occur, it’s a bloody nightmare. And I want them gone,

Insert this product! It is basically a solution that is supposed to shrink spots. And fast! This one is normally for spots that have already surfaced. See the buffering lotion for the annoying under the skin bumps! And you simply pop this on your headed spot. Go to sleep. And wake up and it should be visibly reduced! I am always sceptical with these claims.

However. I understand what ingredients reduce inflammation. Calamine being one, hence…chicken pox! That pink solution your mum put on you when you were little and spotty, that is Calamine. A main ingredient in this! Also Salicylic acid, being a very good ingredient for drying out blemishes. Also an ingredient. So understanding that made me less sceptical. And I gave it a go when I had two blemishes appearing from hormones!

Mmmmm…juicy spots! You can see they were pretty flared up and big! I wasn’t having any of it! So gave this solution a go. I popped it on as directed; on a cotton bud, dipping into the pink solution at the bottom (NOT SHAKING THE BOTTLE!). And dabbing it on my spots. Went to sleep. And woke up…the right picture was the next morning! You can see how much smaller they are! And far less red and sore! I could cover those fairly easily with a decent concealer and they would just look a little raised. That’s it!

So does this product work! 100% yes it does. No it won’t get rid fo your spots all together in one night. But yes it will, in one night, reduce the sheer size of them and redness! Which is fantastic! Wear it again the next night, and you’d probably only have a tiny remanent of it left! I will certainly be using this product whenever I got my hormonal break outs! It does work wonders!

I hope you found this useful! Do you use this, or something similar to manage your blemishes?

Thanks for reading! 💛✨

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