FULL REVIEW | BH Cosmetics Eye Brights

I read that these are a similar concept to the Stila Magnificent Metals. And as I am OBSESSED with those! And the colours of these are delicious! So I thought that would give the shades a go, create a look, and explain what I think of the formulas!

The packaging is very sleek and lovely! I love gold, so I have them on display! And I love all of the colours! So yes, I had to buy them all. Don’t judge. I’m using the excuse of being loyal to my blog, and that’s why I needed them all….

The formula is very different to the Stila ones, in my opinion. They don’t dry too quickly, so you can blend them out. However it can be annoying as it remains tackier for longer (I have hooded eyes, so creasing is always a problem) so they crease a easily, and you have to keep your eyes straight to prevent the creasing! However, I like how easy they are to blend. You can sheer them and wear them on the inner corner. Or you can wear them with their KAPOW pigment!

They are not the most comfortable to wear. They feel like proper glitter, kinda gritty, and they do tighten the lid a little when they dry. I am used to wearing a lot of makeup so it doesn’t really bother me; I don’t mind feeling the makeup I am wearing. But if you don’t like that, these probably won’t be for you! When they do eventually dry, and tighten, this means they can flake onto the cheeks. Now I don’t mind a glittery face, as I wear a great deal of highlighter and the glitter, to me, looks kinda cool. In my opinion. You might think it looks ridiculous…and you’re probably right! Haha! However if you aren’t one for a glittery face, maybe give these a pass! As they do drop by the end of the day!


Psych – This is a gorgeous cranberry/pink that duo chromes blue/purple. It is stunnnnning! It goes on really nicely. I used it with my Morphe Saocial Butterfly 15S palette and used the shade #MAKEOVER in the crease. And then applied Psych over the lid. Really gorgeous as it sometimes looks burgundy, sometimes looks very pink and even sometimes looks nude!

Fresh – This is the shade that would probably be my favourite! It is described as a Lime Gold and I think that describes it perfectly! I wore it with Makeup Geek Desert Sands and then a touch of Cocoa Bear, then applying that all over the lid! It is a greeny Gold that flips turquoise or hot pink depending on which way you turn!! It’s soooo beautiful!

Gnarly – This shade is PIG-MEN-TED. Like seriously! It is a turquoise with a green/gold duochrome! It is super pretty! You could wear it as an eyeliner or as a full on eyeshadow! I wore it with Sugar pill eyeshadows, Mochi and Kim Chi! And it went so well with this! Not an everyday look, but super fun!

Chill Pill – Holy Moly. This shade. It is a Royal blue, with a green/pink duochrome. Kind of like how holographic shadows want to me, actually should be, and it isn’t even advertised as holographic! Super special to me! I wore it with Sugarpill eyeshadows Poison Plum, Velocity blended into Suburbia. Super lush!

BFF – the purest silver that ever existed! Seriously! This is probably the most pigmented of them all, and has a slightly different texture. Less gritty, and more creamy! A lot more metallic than glittery and with no duochrome. I used this with my Morphe 15S Palette in the shade #OFFCAMERA, all over the lid, blending up. Then lining with this! These can certainly be used for liners, due to their texture, and the fact they dry down!

Gal Pal – This shade is exceptionally unique! Is it gold? No. It is genuinely fire. A burnt orange, with yellow gold reflects. But with that, it is also green! It’s so lush! I tried blending to see how they were for blending. And they did an okay job! It disrupts the glitter a little, which makes it look more faded. However it wasn’t the easiest thing to blend! It took a lot longer than a normal cream product would. I wore this with my Morphe Boss Mood Palette and the shades Fired Up, Hello Sunshine and Play It Cool. Then a hint of Black Magic in the crease and lower lash line!

All in all, I like them! I really do! However I would opt them for special occasions. As it’s then when I genuinely don’t mind feeling them on my eyes. For day to day, they might irritate my eyes a little. Could the formula be improved? Definitely. But does the actual formula stop me from wearing them? Nope!!

I hope you enjoyed this blog post! Let me know what you think about these! Do you like them?

Thank you so much for reading!

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