Full Review | Morphe Social Butterfly 15S Palette

So I went into the Morphe shop in Birmingham…and officially lost my shit! It was so magical! And I bought the 35W palette. And this little beauty! And this was only £8! And can you see those colours! They are so freaking stunning!

The packaging is very sleek and chic! Simple, and classic just like all of Morphe palettes! And it has a mirror, amazing! I love the shade selection, how you have some lovely neutrals, and pops of colour! And all these colours are very flattering on green eyes, so that certainly appealed to me straight away! You can wear a warm cranberry look, or a petrol oil slick look or a festival bright look! It is such a versatile palette!

My favourite shades, and most used shades of the palette are #LATERGRAM, #MAKEOVER, #MEMEGIRLS, #OFFCAMERA! Oh gosh, I realised I only picked matte shades! The shimmers are lovely too! Especially #NOWTRENDING and #SQUADGOALS. They are best applied with your finger or a wet brush. But I am a matte shade lover!! And these mates didn’t disappoint in the slightest! Neither did the shimmers. But I love matte. Ah I’m going round in circles, you know what I mean!

I wore this for a good 2 and a bit weeks, everyday. Would take it to my boyfriends, creating looks, playing about with it. And I was not disappointed. I am trying to think of cons. But I really am struggling. Maybe it would be nice if they were creamy enough to be applied dry? But I don’t mind applying with my finger or a wet brush. So ih, really can’t think of a con!!

These are the following looks I created. I created more, but these are my favourites! Let me know what you think of them!!




So all in all, this has been an a amazing palette to play with! Probably one of my favourites this year so far! I mean I know it’s only January…but I’ve been playing with 6 palettes so far! And this is the stand out one so far! I would definitely recommend buying this as it can give you so many looks, both really natural and simple, to intense editorial looks! All eye colours would look insane wearing these! Just do it, you won’t regret it!

Hope you enjoyed this blog post! I loved writing it! Have you bought this palette yet? Let me know! Do you love it as much as me? 🙈

Thank you so much for reading!

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