Empties | Pixi, Maybelline, Too Faced

I’m really enjoying doing these, but also love watching these. Especially Caroline Hirons’. So I thought I’d show you the products I am out of, so and talk about how I found them! Sounds funny, but after taking this picture, I have used up even more products, so expect another one soon! But let’s get onto the mini reviews!

Pixi Glow Tonic – Now I’ll be honest, I didn’t use all of this, my sister gave me the rest of hers and let me try it out. Even though I found it harsher in terms of stinging, the benefits I got from it over my Rose Tonic was amazing, it reduces the size of blemishes and scarring! How is that possible! So when I’ve used up my Rose tonic, I will repurchase this one as I found the benefits of it a lot greater. Even if it stung me a little! Tingle…not stung. But you know what I mean!

Nivea Stress Protect Deodorant – this is the ONLY deodorant that I use! It controls sweating, it makes me smell fresh and it lasts ages! I do believe in the stress protect technology as compared to my Pearl Beauty one, that I have packed in my travel bag for when I stay round my boyfriends, it really does work better in stressful situations. If I go for a run, get all flustered or do an intense work out, I find my protection and scent does not alter! So I am very loyal to this deodorant. I have 2 more backed up! Always when they are on sale, I bulk buy!

MAC Eyeshadow “Charcoal Brown” – I have FINALLY finished this eyeshadow! I literally had dregs left, so when I wanted a really natural brow, for example, when I’m going to the farm! I decided to opt for just this instead of my usual gel and powder combo. And I’m kind of gutted I’m all out. However I have other products I’m using so I am not going to repurchase this!

Clinique Take The Day Off Makeup Remover – If this wasn’t so expensive, I’d use this all day every day! It is THE BEST makeup remover I have ever used. I wear waterproof mascara so I need something that doesn’t make me tug at my lids! And this is effortless! I would repurchase this, but I’m really loving my Body Shop Camomile one, which performs almost just as well! So I don’t want to part with the cash just yet. But if I do want a little treat and want something that works a treat, I’ll get this! Or buy a mini, who knows!

Maybelline Fit Me Foundation Stick – I wear this every day for work! It is so easy and just does the trick. It’s creamy, comfortable AND PALE ENOUGH! I can literally stick this on, blend and I’m done, in like ten seconds! It’s awesome! But I do have a lot of concealers and foundations so I need to use them up before I repurchase. But I would deffo repurchase!

Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara Mini – I love the way this mascara makes my lashes look. However. It flakes. Like you wouldn’t believe! And I rarely have an issue with that. It doesn’t hold a curl well, but I know the waterproof mascara would work better. But my god the way this makes my lashes look is STUNNING! So if I was doing a look that needs fluttery lashes but doesn’t need longevity, this would be perfect! But for long day wears nuh uh! Maybe the waterproof is better. So I would be willing to try this! And I would repurchase 🙈 just for how gorgeous it is temporarily!

And those are my empties. What products have you ran out of? And would you repurchase them?

I hope you enjoyed reading this!

Thank you for reading! 💛✨

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