First Impression | Smashbox Step-By-Step Contour Palette (Light)

I bought this from Boots as I am trying to contour my face a little more, as I find it very flattering on a rounder face! And since Christmas…my face has gotten rounder.

Boots had an offer where if you spent £60 online, you got £10 worth of points! And I knew this had to go in my basket. I got a couple of lipsticks and moisturisers as well, but this was the very exciting purchase!

First things first, the packaging is very travel friendly and sleek! I love how the formulas of these are all matte. As I have a fair few highlighters, I don’t really need another shimmery highlighter! The contour shade is a very grey toned brown, but pale enough to not look muddy in my skin! And then the bronzer is also pale, but slightly warmer, which is perfect for bronzing my skin! And the highlight shade is yellow toned, HURRAH! So it makes a very good matte highlighter for me! As something so pink would make me look odd.

The texture of these are sublime. Very pigmented but still retaining a lovely smooth texture. It doesn’t feel chalky, but instead powdery. Chalky makes it go lumpy, whereas powdery is a finely milled swirl instead. And this is certainly not chalky! It blends effortlessly. From a mighty pigment, to a lovely subtle shadow! They don’t clog or cake on the skin; any excess powder is easily brushed away. Rather than sticking on the face looking heavy. The powder almost looks undetectable, just the contouring/bronzing/highlight effect is visible. Very natural looking!

Please excuse my dodgy winged liner, I was trying a new product…and it didn’t go to plan 🙈

As you can see it is a lovely subtle contour! I don’t normally wear foundation on a day to day basis! Simply because my skin is okay, and I don’t want to give more of a reason to get spots! So I wear a little bit of concealer on blemishes and under my eyes! But this powder really does look fine without a base. But just looks a little bit patchy. So in the future I will pop a little bit more of moisturiser or primer on my cheeks, just so the tackiness can help the powder adhere to my face better!

All in all I really like this palette. I’ve learnt it requires a tackier Base, and have since applied it over a Base (my First Aid Beauty Coconut Skin Smoothie) and it was far less patchy! It looked like a subtle blend! I would definitely recommend applying this with a base over bare skin! You’ll get a far better result!

I hope you enjoyed this blog post! I really enjoyed trying this! And it’s made it’s way into my everyday makeup bag!

Thank you so much for reading! 💛✨

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